How To Create the Fairy Tale Garden of Your Dreams

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You may think you’ve outgrown fairy tales, but there’s a little kid deep within you that gets excited with every Disney fairy tale-based movie. They’re like a form of mental retreat – retreat to a world where everything is rosy and everyday is a dream come true. No wonder our kids love fairy tales; just like how we loved them when we were kids ourselves.

What if we told you you could bring that magical land to life in your own backyard? Would you believe us?

Here’s how you can start your own ‘once upon a time’ in your gardens:

Mini Fairy Figurines

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There are two ways to go about this fairyland landscape design: Victorian or Disney.

For a Victorian fairy garden look, you can search for tiny fairy figurines at vintage stores. They don’t necessarily need to be made from porcelain; those made from plastic work just as well. You can get these at bargain prices from your nearest flea market too!

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If you prefer a Disney fairyland for your kids, you can buy a collection of fairy dolls from the toy store. This option could be a little more expensive, but your kids will adore it.

You can place these figurines wherever you want: peeking out of the bushes, hiding under a tree, or sitting on a divider. Make sure they don’t stand out too much to the naked eye, as you want to make the scene look ‘natural’.

Make Little Fairy Houses

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It doesn’t even need to be a whole house like the ones humans would live in. You can just paint a bottle cap to resemble a door, then place it in front of a pebble. This will make it look as if the pebble’s a fairy hiding place.

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If you can get or make mini house models, you can hide them in a glade or under the bushes. Once kids sees them, they’re bound to want to stay outdoors the whole day to find more traces of fairies. Imagination is important for children, so being in an enchanted fairy land will definitely stimulate their creativity!

Fairy Rings

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Fairy rings are actually mushroom circles. In folklore, a fairy ring is believed to be the border between the human and fairy worlds. You can create little circles using toadstools figurines or pebbles. Just arrange them in a circle or half circle in an obscure corner of your garden. This will surely pique the interest of any child to start investigating.

You can even plant a lonely flower there to add to the allure.

Put Up Signs Around Your Garden

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Send your kids or friends on an adventure by creating fairy trails for them to follow. All you need are toothpicks or dry branches, painted ice cream sticks, and an imaginative mind. Make signboards that says “Pixie Forest”, “Toad Camp”, or “Fairy Glade” and stick this at different areas of your garden.

This makes your garden look like it’s actually a place where fairies frequent, which will surely delight both kids and adults!

Repurpose Broken Vases

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Instead of throwing broken vases away, collect them and give them a new life as fairy props. You can use some as display units by building a fairy house and farm on it. For those that are really damaged, you can make them into tunnels or fairy ‘ancient ruins’.

Creating a fairy tale-themed garden can be fun especially when you involve your children. They’re the best landscape designers when it comes to matters like these. However, if you still want the services of a professional landscape designer, you can get free quotations from our experts on Kaodim. All you need to do is submit a request and we’ll send you free price quotes to compare. Fill up the form here to start building your dream fairyland now!

written by Esther Chung