Coolest Black & White Bathroom Ideas

Black signifies mystery as well as elegance. When paired with white, a little bit of black goes a long way, and is far from being monotonous. Black and white makes an interesting combination to be used in the bathroom. Here are our 7 coolest black and white bathrooms, picked by our home renovation experts at!

#1. Black fittings

Black fittings against white tiles look super stylish, if a little spartan. Perfect for the hipster in you!

Black fittings against a white backdrop
Black and white accentuates a minimalist approach

#2. Black accessories

An interior designer’s dream, black bathroom accessories like the mirror frame, door frame and trash can match the architecture of the black door, creating a harmonious display.

black n white


#3. Unique decorative tiles

It is hard to go wrong with black and white patterned tiles; not much work to be done other than arranging them in the right order. If you do, you might want to leave the hard work to a renovation contractor from!

Black and white patterned tiles add character to an otherwise bland environment
Get creative with black and white flooring tiles for the bathroom
Black and white patterns add more depth to solitary part of the bathroom 

#4. Industrial style

An industrial style black & white bathroom using an old window frame repurposed into shower cabinet doors looks really classy.

black n white 2
Add a touch of elegance with black framed doors separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom.


#5. Sleek masculine

Black walls, ceiling and floor paired with white fittings and accessories make the bathroom look masculinely sleek. A portrait of a gorilla helps punch in that masculinity.

Be bold and daring with this two toned bathroom motif

#6. Go wild on the walls

Do you sometimes feel that your ideas flow rapidly when you’re in the shower or bathroom? Having a chalkboard wall in the loo would be helpful to jot those stream of ideas down!

The bathroom, providing answers to philosophical questions since the beginning of time .

#7. Majestic marble

Careful placement of black and white marbled tiles give a unique floor pattern while the use of black marble slabs to enclose a white marbled wall imparts an aura of elegance and luxury to this bathroom.

Black against white marbled floor and walls never fail to evoke grandeur and magnificence

These are the top 7 picks by some of the best renovation contractors and interior designers in Malaysia. Get in touch with any one of them on for a pleasant and hassle free renovation experience!