Cool Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Lighting plays an important role in setting the mood in your home. Choosing the right type of lighting can help set the right mood. For example, choosing warm, yellow lights in your bedroom helps you to relax and unwind. In contrast, doing the same in your study area might backfire, helping you to fall asleep while reading (which isn’t something you want!).

That said, it pays to be creative and to try out new ideas to change things around the house while keeping you inspired and focused! Here are a couple of home lighting ideas to start you off:

1. Musical Lights


Personally, I love the idea of the combination of music and light. This is an appealing light design whereby a hundred pieces of cassettes, CDs or plastic are attached together, with the light fixture right in the middle.

2. Science and Lights


Are you a science fan? If you are, try out the lab light idea in your house. All you have to do is add a light bulb onto a laboratory flask, any shape as long as it fits, and place it on your table. Perhaps this type of lighting will get you into the mood for work and trigger your inner creativity.

3. The Chandelier


The chandelier. A timeless classic. The symbol of class and wealth. It’s not that difficult to make your own. To make a chandelier, just get any jar or flask you want, set light bulbs in it, hang it up anywhere you want, and there you have it: a timeless classic of your own! (Alright we skipped a few pretty important parts but you get the idea right?)

4. Booze and Lights


We covered old whiskey bottles repurposed for lights in an earlier article. It’s real easy to make and helps with your recycling efforts too. All you need to do is get a couple of empty liquor bottles (An obvious point but don’t use full ones!) and an old lamp head (bulb and shade intact), clean them well, affix the lamp head onto the bottle and voila! Liquor lamp! It should be pretty straightforward but you might need an electrician to help you out.

5. Mario and Mushrooms


Mushroom lamps remind me of my all-time-favourite childhood game – Super Mario. The mushroom lamps come in different colours and use LED as the light bulb. In addition to providing light, the lamp uses less energy, helping you save on electricity.

6. Torn Lights 


The torn lighting concept is something new and fascinating, giving us a break from boring lamps. This lighting spreads out from your walls, leaking light into your room. It is a unique idea of adding light in your house. Definitely a brand new idea for the house!

Need help with wiring your lights? Perhaps you want more inspiration for new lights? Head on over to Kaodim and contact our lighting experts.