Consider This Before Renovating Your Bathroom


A bathroom or ‘toilet’ is not just a place for personal hygiene.  It’s an important part of the house which we use frequently.  Spending time to renovate or spruce up your bathroom will give tremendous peace of mind.   It is an important space, and thought should be given to your bathroom when you’re contemplating either a house or office renovation. After all, what can be more important than a nice warm shower after a long day?

So where do we start?

It can all start with the right flooring.  You’ll want something stylish, trendy but functional.   There are certain tiles that you should avoid for your bathroom, for example slippery ceramic tiles, or even marble.   If you’re constantly thinking about whether you would slip while in your bathroom that’s certainly going to disrupt that peace of mind we were talking about.

In any event, no matter what tiles you choose it’s always important to keep your bathroom dry.  If it’s dry, it would avoid anybody slipping.  In the photo below, they went with marble but placed floor towels at places which mattered.


Choose neutral painting for the bathroom. I mean, you are finding peace in the washroom (on or off the THRONE). Having colours that are too bright or vibrant colours can kill the intention of a balanced mind.  Avoid bright greens, oranges or purple.  Those aren’t suitable colours for your bathroom. Besides, the use of neutral and dark colours make the walls of the small space recede.

Next, visualise how you want to arrange your bathroom fixtures and furniture. It should be strategically in place – so that you will have difficulty time searching for things you need.  You’ll also want to build storage for just enough toiletries.  It’s a bathroom, not a store room.  Keep fewer things, and only the stuff you need.


Try out the bathtub or the toilet bowl before buying them. Have you ever heard someone saying, ‘ It is not my bathroom, I find it uncomfortable showering in it.’ Yup, the cool thing about a bathroom is that everything is about you and it has to suit you. Try out your appliances before buying them.

Use the space that you have. Some of you might like a bathtub or a Jacuzzi in your bathroom. These things are becoming increasingly outdated.  Style and practicality is trendier now than having water jets blasting apart your backbone.

They take up a whole lot of space and can be expensive to purchase and maintain.  If you insist on having a bathtub, try a smaller one. Don’t forget to take measurements or get your renovation contractor to do it for you – the last thing you want is a big tub that can’t fit anywhere but in your lawn.

Next, choose a stylish mirror for your bathroom. Go for a large mirror to really make the place seem a lot larger than it is.  It helps. And ladies – remember to choose a mirror that you feel pretty in. You do want to be pretty before work everyday right?

Add a cabinet or makeup table to put your toiletries. Your regular carpenter should be able to sort this out for your easily – but if all else fails, you can just contact your renovation contractor. Its likely that they could get the necessary carpentry work done for you themselves, or get you referrals of carpenters who can do it for you.


Lighting is a truly important aspect of any renovation. Get your electrical wiring right and it’ll save you loads in electrical repairs.  You should always go with yellow, halogen or spot lighting.  Stay away from white lights.  Place one halogen light over each area being used, i.e. sink, toilet, shower.  Bright light kills the peace and stresses you out while showering.


Use elegant fixtures or paintings for the walls. This is more towards what you like and are interested in.  This will really bring out the character of your bathroom and give it that personality many bathrooms don’t have.

But remember – it’s good policy that for every bathroom renovation, just keep it simple and clean. Build and place only what you want and eliminate the unnecessary. Do not cramp up your bathroom. Less is more.  There’s a lot of storage in the picture below but the number of shelves seem a little excessive.  Not sure if you need 8 towels lying around.


So get creative with your bathroom renovation. Just keep it in mind of what you intend to get and what you want.  If you’re looking for a renovation contractor or  electrical wiring repairs, lighting installation, carpentry work and other home services just head over to Kaodim to find, compare & hire the best service providers in Malaysia.