7 Common Makeup Mistakes You Should Avoid

Anyone can be a makeup pro these days. Applying cosmetics isn’t that difficult – it comes with some practice and some help from YouTube tutorials. You can learn and master a few looks within a month if you’re really into it.

As you level up in makeover skills, remember to always hold on to the basics. Think of them as the sacred Commandments of cosmetics – never skip a step. There’s a reason why these practices exist, as they might ruin your look – or worse, ruin your skin – if not followed properly.

In case you’re not sure, here are some of the makeup mistakes you should avoid:

1. Not cleaning your brushes

dirty makeup brushes
Photo credit: Stellar

Please, for the love of all things beautiful, clean your makeup brushes. Dirty brushes are a hotbed for different types of dust and germs – some of which can harm not just your skin, but overall health as well. They’re not difficult to wash: just use some mild shampoo to wash them after each use, and store them in a cool, dry place.

2. Using one shade of concealer for your whole face

Photo credit: Sephora

Nope, you can’t use the same shade of concealer for both your dark eye circles and acne mark. Certain areas on your face, like your eye area, are thinner than other parts. Thin areas require concealers of a lighter shade. If you use the same shade for every part, you might end up making the things you want to conceal even more obvious.

3. Using certain products for more than a year

old makeup
Photo credit: 2nd Love

If your gel liner is more than three months old – throw it away. Just like food, cosmetics have expiry dates as well. The products may lose its effectiveness after the date has passed; some might even turn harmful for your skin.

4. Curling your lashes after applying mascara

cur lashes
Photo credit: Lipglossing

Curl them first, then apply your mascara. Using a curler on mascara-coated lashes will only rip your lashes off. The sticky mascara coat will ‘glue’ your lashes to the curler, making it difficult for you to get the perfect curl.

5. Using black eyeliner for your bottom eye line

black eyeliner
Photo credit: Phyrra

Unless you’re going for a goth look, it’s not such a good idea to use black for your bottom eye line. This will only make your eyes look smaller, and give you an overall aged look. It also makes the lines around your eyes more obvious. If you need to line it, use dark brown instead.

6. Not using toner and moisturiser

skincare regimen
Photo credit: The Gloss

If cosmetics make you look good, healthy skin makes you look better. Cosmetics can only do so much to conceal your marks and scars; a good skincare routine can eliminate and prevent these from even appearing. So don’t skip the toning and moisturising of your skin. Take good care of it, so you’ll look even better.

7. Neglecting your neck

neck makeup
Photo credit: Getty Images

Don’t forget your neck! A lot of people forget that the neck is almost always exposed when you go out. If you don’t blend your face makeup to your neck, you’ll end up looking like you have two different skin tones. Talk about looking eerily fair. Apply foundation to your neck to match your face’s colour. The effort is worth it.

Remember not to repeat any of these makeup cardinal sins! It may take a little more time to get ready than usual, but it’ll make you look better and keep your skin healthy.

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written by Esther Chung