Common Aircond Related Questions People Ask.

Common Aircond Related Questions People Ask

Having an aircond is no longer considered a thing of luxury. On average, a common household in Malaysia has at least one air conditioning unit in their home. After all, we are living in a tropical country where summer is all year long! However, many homeowners are unaware that there are many setbacks when your aircond is left unserviced. These setbacks could potentially prove harmful to your health and your wallet!

How Could An Unserviced Aircond Hurt Me?


Many experts suggested that leaving your aircond unserviced could cause your air filters to be filled with dust. This, in turn, can cause dirty air which might trigger several health issues such as sinus or allergies.

You would also be prone to suffer from heatstroke if your aircond breaks down during a heatwave.

How Would an Unserviced aircond reflect badly on your monthly expenditure?



For one, an unserviced aircond would pull in more electricity in the sense that an aircond’s compressor and condenser would require more power to function accordingly.

It will also take longer for the aircond to cool up your home!

When to service your aircond?

To simply put it, it all depends on your usage habits.

1.Regular Users


If you belong in the category of a regular user who on average, uses your aircond from 6-8 hours daily, we recommend that you service your aircond once every 3 to 6 months. This will ensure that your aircond unit reaches its intended lifespan which is 10-15 years.

2.Heavy Users


Heavy Users are the type of people who use air conditioning for more than 9 hours daily. For users that fall under this category, experts recommend that checkups are done once, within 2 to 3 months. Have an expert come over and diagnose your unit to ensure that there is no damage in your system.

Getting your aircond serviced accordingly would ensure that your unit would continue functioning for a long time. Aside from that, regular servicing would also save more electricity. Need help servicing your aircond? Hire our expert on Kaodim!