What Colour Should You Paint Your Walls? (GIF)

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wall colour gif

Having trouble deciding on a suitable colour for your walls? It’s good that you’re mulling this over, because the wall colour vastly affects the look and feel of the room. Most people make the mistake of picking a colour that appeals to their palette, only to frown at the finished walls wondering, “Hmm, that’s not what I pictured it to look like.”

Isn’t it easier to visualize the outcome before you start painting? Great news! We’re able to help you view the visual effects of having bright, pastel, cool and dark hues before you start shopping for paint.

Plain White

wall colour - white
You can never go wrong with white.  White enlarges the space of a room and acts as a great platform to display your photographs and artwork. It also provides a nice contrast for the rest of the furniture.

Buttery Yellow

wall colour - pale yellow

This delicious yellow will bathe your room in a cheerful glaze. It exudes warmth and brings out the deep, golden tones of dark wooden furniture.

Soft Turquoise

wall colour - turquoise

Turquoise is a trending shade that reflects the calmness of the ocean. But pair this soft colour wisely with the rest of the walls and furniture around the house. Don’t blast your walls in shades of blue. Instead, mix it up with pops of colours. And when in doubt, pair this shade with white.

Powder Pink

wall colour - dusty pink

Adding a dash of light pink to your home will soften the overall appeal, setting off a sweet, feminine style. This goes extremely well with beige and gold.

Zesty Yellow

wall colour - bright yellow

Inspired by lemons, this bright yellow backsplash is not for the faint of heart. Incorporating a bold colour like this instantly boosts the fun factor of your home. Citron is a nice accent colour that represents a lot of things – happiness, hope, and joy. Think of it as a mood booster too.

Midnight Blue

wall colour - midnight blue

We’re in love with this navy blue shade! A dark accent wall might be tricky to pull off, but if paired with the right lighting and furnishing, this midnight blue wall can be both elegant and dramatic.

Fresh Meadow

wall colour - mint green

A pretty mint tint like that would require lots of natural light. Don’t dress your room in green if you don’t have a lot of windows, or if you have harsh fluorescent lighting. Keep this colour simple by teaming it with lots of whites, grays, or even darker hues, but try not to clutter the space with a broad mix of textures and colours.

French Mist

wall colour - gray

For those who say that gray is boring, we beg to differ. Gray exudes timeless sophistication and style and works wonderfully as a quiet background to a wide variety of patterns, shades and trimmings! Install a brightly coloured carpet, stick a chandelier or place a plant in there to add a touch of personality to the space.

Bear in mind that warm hues like yellows and pinks are motivating colours, while cooler tones such as blues and greens give off a more relaxing effect. Are you motivated to paint your walls now? Get professional painters to assist you simply by submitting a request on Kaodim via our website or on our app, which is available across Apple and Android platforms! And if you’re thinking about changing the overall theme of your home, our interior designers can help you with that.

written by Carissa Gan