Cleaning Tips For Moving Into Your New House

When moving into your new house, you’d want to make your new home feel like it belongs to you, and that means removing traces of the previous occupants. Lingering smells, grime, cobwebs and dust should ideally be gone by the time your belongings arrive. A fresh start should start fresh, don’t you think?

Although it is standard moving etiquette for the previous owners to clean the house thoroughly before they move out, oftentimes, you’ll still find little surprises here and there. If this is the case, wipe away all your new home’s mental and physical webs before you move your things in, as it will be harder to do a thorough clean once your belongings are in place.

If you have no time or manpower to do the cleaning yourself, you can always hire professional cleaners. This can be done easily on Kaodim! Whether you’re hiring professional cleaners or doing it yourself, it is still a good idea to know how to tackle cleaning a new home to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Here are some cleaning tips for moving into your new house:

1. Clear the space

Before you get down and dirty, get rid of the garbage that’ll get in your way of cleaning the messier and dirtier areas. Things such as old newspapers that were left behind, used soap in the bathroom, empty boxes under the stairs, or a broken clock left on the wall — they all must go, pronto. It’s always easier to start from a blank state.

2. Clean Your New Home from High to Low

You don’t want dust, dirt, and bugs drifting down onto newly polished marble floors! Start with your ceiling — lights, fans, tops of doors and cabinets, etc, and work your way down. Use brooms to get to high places. Be safe by using a ladder or sturdy stool. Once you get all the dust and webs down, it’ll be easy to sweep away with a broom.


3. Tackle all the spots you’re unlikely to clean frequently

How many times have you wiped down your walls? When moving into a new house, think about the areas you know you are unlikely to tackle again soon. This way, you’ll be putting your things into clean spots and not have to worry about them for a good long while. These spots could include: walls, areas behind appliances or furniture, the insides of cabinets, drawers and cupboards, vents and fans, washing machine, oven, hard-to-reach surfaces, and others.

4. Clean Surfaces that Are Frequently Touched

It’s hard to feel as if your beginning is new when other people’s grime is all over the surfaces! You’ll notice the previous occupants’ marks of habitation are primarily focused on the household fittings that are most commonly touched. Tackle these areas with a multi-purpose cleaner, or a dedicated cleaner for the bathroom or kitchen:

  • Appliances (hob, oven, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine)
  • Toilet, bath, shower, and sinks
  • Door handles
  • Balustrade and baluster of the stairs
  • Switches for light and fan


Doorknobs are a hotspot for germs and should be wiped with a disinfectant.

Now that your new home is spotless, you can move your belongings in, and begin to feel like you have truly made it yours! Start your new life in your new home with a clean slate!

Cleaning a whole house thoroughly can be overwhelming. Don’t let that burden you. Get reliable help from a professional cleaning company via Kaodim .