6 Cleaning Items That Are Actually Worth Your Money

From knockoff Roombas to all-purpose magic erasers, there’s a lot of fancy cleaning appliances on the market promising quick one-stop solutions for your household needs. Usually, these products are too good to be true and you’re stuck with shelves of cheap plastic gimmicks that don’t live up to their name (or price).

But among the fancy shams and tall promises, there are some products worth the purchase. Here are 6 items for cleanings you could totally use:

1. Multipurpose Microfibre Cloth

Microfibre Cloth
Photo credit: Maximart

You can find these colourful squares anywhere from IKEA to Daiso, and its ubiquity is matched only by its usefulness. Absorbent,  lint-free and scratch-free, they are useful for cleaning various surfaces like mirrors, cars and even your glasses. They’re also relatively easy to clean themselves!

Generally, the price is reflective of its quality, but you can’t go wrong with a RM 5.90 one.

2. Super Mop & Bucket Set

Photo credit: Youtube


This mop and bucket set features a spin-drying mechanism, movable head and interchangeable mop inserts for different cleanings purposes and surfaces. And it also costs easily ten times as much as the regular ones you find in your local hardware store! But the time and energy saving feature along with its adaptable use makes it indispensable for quick and clean mopping.

However if you need professional help with cleaners, contact our professionals at Kaodim.com!

3. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
Photo credit: 11 Street

These small, lightweight handheld vacuum cleaners look too compact for the job when you compare it to your old industrial clunker. Loud noise means it’s doing its job, right? But these modern vacuums pack a lot more power and manoeuvrability for efficient cleaning and has great manoeuvrability for hard to reach places. Its smaller size and simpler build also mean it is easier to store!

4. Magic Eraser / Melamine Foam


This little block of melamine foam isn’t a sponge or a gimmick. Neither is it particularly toxic especially if you don’t consume it. These little blocs are actually very effective at cleaning off grime, stains and scuff marks. But be careful if you’re using it on easily scratched, painted or polished surfaces!

5. Bamboo Charcoal Dehumidifier

Available in various colourful and cute packaging, these simple bundles of bamboo charcoal help prevent mould and odour buildup. Use them in kitchen cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes or even as inserts in shoes. Just make sure to sun it from time to time for better and longer use.

6. Lint Roller

Photo credit: Amazon.com

Who needs a device to brush off dust when you can do it with your hands? However, lint and dust tend to stick stubbornly and look very unsightly on dark clothes. A good lint roller works wonders and getting those off with minimal effort. They also work wonders on pet hair and lint.

When it comes to cleaning products, there are many brands, make and models to choose from. Their gimmicky names and exaggerated ads don’t exactly help you with your choice. Generally, it’s best to do a little research and just stick with the best one with the features to suit your needs to get the job done! And if you have some hardcore cleaning to get done, why not get the help of professional cleaners available on Kaodim?  

written by Louisa Lee