Cleaning Hacks for People Who Hate Cleaning

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For those of you who break out into a cold sweat at the very mention of the word “spring cleaning”, this article is for you. Before we get started, let us first make it clear that we’ve yet to come across a magical solution for this and some degree of elbow grease is involved. However, despite not being able to Robovac away your aversion to picking up a broom, the most we can do is to inject a little bit of fun and novelty into the process and while we don’t expect you to be cheerily humming away while you dust out the corners in your home, we’re hoping that these clever hacks will take away some of the frustration that typically comes along with these particularly frustrating tasks.

See below for our list of recommended tips that come courtesy from our friends at Saleduck.


Clean your Commode with Coca-Cola

Clean your Commode with Coca-Cola

Not just effective as a thirst-quencher, Coke contains a cocktail of phosphoric, citric and carbonic acids that is absolutely lethal on stains. Even the tough ones that have been clinging to your toilet bowl for years. Almost as effective (and with less nasty chemicals) than industrial strength toilet cleaners, all you need to do is pour out a cup or two of undiluted soda around the rim of your toilet bowl and let it sit for an hour or so. Follow this with a hefty scrub using your toilet brush to loosen the grime and flush it all down to reveal a sparkling clean porcelain throne worthy of your royal bottom.

Use an Old Pillowcase to Get Rid of Dust on Ceiling Fans

Ridding the blanket of dust that coats our ceiling fans has got to be one of our least favourite tasks. If the ritual of having to haul your ladder out of storage in order to reach it isn’t off-putting enough, the curls of dust that seem to settle on every possible surface (including your head) is a pretty solid reason behind why we often “forget” to attend to the fans come spring cleaning season.

The solution? Salvage an old, unused pillowcase and slip it over the blade. Apply just the slightest amount of pressure and slide it off. Voila, the dust is collected inside the case and stays clear of your nostrils. You can now put your days of popping antihistamines behind you and look forward to happier times where you won’t sneeze up a storm every time you clean your ceiling fan.



Break Out the Newspapers to Clean Glass and Mirrored Surfaces

Break Out the Newspapers to Clean Glass and Mirrored Surfaces

Rags and washcloths tend to leave behind watermarks and smears that make these surfaces look like feeble attempts at abstract art. The solution to this is simple and comfortingly low-budget. Here’s what you need to do; Lightly dampen a few sheets of old newspaper with water, crumple it up into a ball and wipe down your mirrors and windows using firm, circular motions until the liquid dissipates. All you’ll be left with is pristine, streak-free surfaces and your smug reflection of having conquered your household Everest.

Baking Soda + Vinegar Can Clean Practically Everything

Baking Soda + Vinegar Can Clean Practically Everything

Non-toxic, cheap and super effective, baking soda and vinegar are the multi-purpose cleaning ingredients that everyone from your mum to new-age lifestyle bloggers is raving about. And they’re right! Used together or separately, these two components can restore crusty pots and pans to mirror-like shine, cut through scum and mildew on your bathroom floors, declog your sink, refresh and deodorize your fridge and remove stains from your sofas and carpets.

For an affordable deep-cleaning solution that can be used to clean your bathroom tiles, sinks and greasy kitchen countertops, combine ¼ cup of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of mild dishwashing liquid and 1 cup of vinegar to create a thick, foamy mixture. Scrub your surfaces the way you would with any commercially bought cleaning products and wipe down with water once you’re done.

Sanitize Your Sponges in the Microwave
While it may not always be visible to the naked eye, kitchen sponges can harbour all kinds of germs that can be spread from your dishes to your countertops. Their damp nature makes the perfect environment for icky microbes to fester and can lead to cross-contamination that can make you sick.  Eliminate bacteria from your sponges by simply tossing them into the microwave. Make sure that they’re wet beforehand and then microwave them on HIGH for 2 minutes to annihilate 99% of pathogens that have soaked up a cocktail of fecal bacteria, parasites, and viruses.


If all of the points above still aren’t enough to spark joy within you and you’re still convinced that cleaning is the absolute worst, get connected with hundreds of professional cleaning services on Kaodim and enjoy extra savings when you make your next booking. So sit back, relax and leave it to the pros!

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