Clean Your Kitchen Using Cooking Ingredients

It’s fascinating that you don’t have to buy detergent from the store to clean your house. After all, you are exhausted from work and dragging your feet to the car, and then to the supermarket does not seem very inviting. If cleaning detergent is the only thing you need, you might want to save yourself a trip to the supermarket by looking around your kitchen for these ingredients that’ll do the trick.

Your part time maid or anyone you hire for cleaning services can be instructed on these methods of detergent or other cleaning agents aren’t available

Clean your burnt pan with just vinegar & baking soda

It looks pretty bad but it’s nothing a little vinegar and baking soda can’t fix.

It’s easy to get your pan burnt, especially if you’re not an expert at cooking. Getting black crusty stuff all over your pan is horrible and a real pain to remove. Soap scrubbing just doesn’t do the trick. Vinegar and baking soda however might work like magic.

The ingredients

  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Water
  • Sponge/Scrub


First, fill your burnt pan with some water and add some vinegar to it. Then, bring the pan with vinegar to boil. By this point, it would start to look a little less burnt.

Once the mixture has started boiling, you may remove the pan from the fire. Then, add in baking soda and let it fizz for a little while. If the burnt mark is stubborn and hard to come off, add more baking soda with water before scrubbing them clean. Remember not to use a metal scourer if your pan has Teflon coating or else the coating will peel off.

Once that’s done, your pan should look like new!

Lemon is the next detergent trend

When life gives you lemons, you don’t need to pay for detergents anymore.

Another example of natural ingredients being the best detergent – Lemon or lemon water. Lemon is high in citric acid and makes a good cleaning detergent due to its low pH and antibacterial properties. Besides, lemon has natural great smells which makes your windows smell good too.

Lemons can be used to clean your kitchen, windows and mirrors in the house, and even your car. With this method, you don’t need newspapers or window cleaning detergents anymore.

To work some cleaning magic with lemons, just put a few tablespoons of fresh lemon juice into a bottle and add in water. It is easier if is a spray bottle. Spray a few drops of lemon water onto windows and mirror and wipe it off with a dry cloth.

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