3 Tips To Get Your House Systematically Cleaned

To those who do house chores at home, ask yourself: are you cleaning your house systematically or just randomly clearing things without knowing which and what to clean? It is true that house cleaning is not any easier in today’s life. Some do not like hiring part time maids or full time cleaning services to cut cost and save money. They prefer keeping their houses on their own. However, today’s lifestyle often doesn’t make this viable; how do we cut cleaning time down and maximise efficiency?

Here are 3 tips to help cut down on time wastage and ensure you finish those cleaning chores!

1. Jot down a cleaning list 

No matter how regular you plan to clean your home, it is a good idea to jot down a cleaning list. By making a list, they enable you to know where you need to clean for that time being. No need to rack your brains for where to start cleaning; follow the cleaning list and you will be fine. Just look at other cleaners, be it the janitor in your office building or your friend’s house maid. All of them have one thing in common, that is they move systematically from one part of the house or office to another, cleaning each part in segments. Every cleaner has his or her own system – but the point is that they’ve got a system. And it all starts with having a cleaning list so you know what needs to be cleaned, before you even get to the cleaning.


2. Set a 15 minute rule

Keeping your house clean is not as easy as having a picnic; sometimes it’s more tiring than we anticipate. Therefore, it is better for us to work in 15-minute windows. You may wonder why only fifteen minutes? That’s because, on average, it takes about 15 minutes to do most cleaning tasks. By chunking, or doing things in 15-minute blocks, it makes any area easy to clean.

  • 5 minutes of clearing trash
  • 5 minutes to clear up things that do not belong in the compartment
  • 5 minutes to rearrange the items in the area

3. Separate your house into different categories

By separating your house into different categories, it will be easier to track where and what you have cleaned while ensuring you know where else needs to be cleaned.

  • Living room area cleanup – wipe the sofa, vacuum the floor
  • Dining room area cleanup – wipe the dining table, ensure both table and chairs are arranged
  • Kitchen area cleanup – clear the stove of grease and oil stains, ensure the basin is cleaned, place the dishes back into the cabinet
  • Bedroom area cleanup – fold the blankets, sweep the floor, throw the trash
  • Bathroom area cleanup – clean the basin till shine, wipe the table top, refill shampoo and soap


There you have it. Using a system to clean your house can make it a fun-filled and easy activity to do. But of course, to save time, hiring a part-time maid for your house cleaning will be the best choice. Nowadays, a part time maid is far cheaper than we think and they only need to come in once or twice a week.

If you’ve got a busy schedule (which you and I know that you do), then the money you will save from not having to do it yourself is worth spending. Additionally, cleaning chores will not spill over into your family time and you do not have to work extra to clean the house.

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