How To Clean Your Glass and Mirrors Right

It’s Sunday morning, you’re enjoying a nice cup of coffee and enjoying the serenity. You look towards the windows and the rays of light brings into view unmistakeable streaks on the glass. Your eyes sweep across the room. You see more streaks — on the dining table, the mirror, the shelves. Peace is broken.

You bust out the gloves and cleaning supplies. This is something you need to fix. Before you proceed, here are some tips on doing it right.

Source: Top Cleaning Secrets

1. Water- It matters for glass

Source: HyKleen

Warm water is more efficient in removing grime and grit, compared to cold water. Also, distilled water is a better medium than tap water since there are usually minerals present in tap water.

2. Get some vinegar from the kitchen


Vinegar is one of the most understated cleaning agents. It is much cheaper than other branded cleaning supplies and yet, it gets the job done. For glass, mix one part white vinegar and four parts water. Chinese black vinegar does not work here for obvious reasons.

3. Wipe with the right materials

Ditch the paper towels. You don’t want to leave a streak of lint on your windows. Instead, use microfiber cloths, sponges or newspapers – doesn’t that bring back memories of you cleaning your classroom’s windows at school? The only thing to remember is that if you have white window panes, avoid rubbing the newspaper on them.

4. The recommended motions


Start by rubbing the surface Mr. Miyagi style — in circular patterns to remove all the spots, followed by vertical strokes. Finish it off with horizontal strokes. Make sure you dry the windows and windowsills well. Clean the edges and corners with a cotton bud.

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