How to Choose the Right Colours for Your House

We’ve all been there, struggling to choose from an endless volley of colours to paint our newly renovated house. It’s a common struggle we all share worldwide. Because hey, we do want our house to look fantastic, right?

What’s even more stressful is that we cannot just simply choose one colour from the palette, we have to make sure that the colours don’t clash and that some rooms require a different colour from the other rooms. It is a nightmare!

So how do you choose the right colours for the right sections and for the house overall? 

1. Centre point of the Room

living room

You can start by picking a colour for the biggest and most centre point room first and work your way from there – this is a good tactic to see if the colours will clash other rooms will clash in terms of colours or work harmoniously like some painting. Most probably, it will turn out great. The biggest room of the house can act as the centre of the colour decision. Once you picked a colour for that particular space, the rest becomes a walk in the park.

2. Type of Floors

living room

Apparently not, you still have to deal with a multitude of other factors like, what’s your floor going to be like? Wooden, marble? Metal? Well whatever it is, you have to ensure that it doesn’t make your floor and walls look like it was out of the Twilight Zone or something. You wouldn’t want to trip on that, eh? If you’re still stressing out about the hue, try a more relaxed natural tone that will make your space feel airy. This will help the space feel spacious and relaxing. For example, white is a great choice. Very natural.

3. Shades of Hue

bed room

Also, maybe try and go for different shades of the hue. Meaning, lighter and darker.

You won’t have any contrasting rooms and it won’t look like a mess. Personally, I’d go for this instead. I’d have my house in one colour just with different shades of the hue. That’s how I’d like my house to be like as contrasting colours just don’t work for me.

4. Be Bold


Although if you desire to be bold, you can go the flamboyant route and splash your humble abode with touches of bright, vibrant solutions. This will guarantee your house being the talk of the neighbourhood. 

So what can we say about all this? Well, however, if you want to colour your house, just know that it’s always good to just follow your heart. However, the tips above might help you out a little more in preventing your house becoming a total disaster. 

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written by Sharifah Sarah