Check It Out! Totally Cool Spaces You Can Create In Your House

Tired of living the ordinary life? Maybe it’s time to get out of your square box and stop seeing your house as just a building with rooms to sleep, cook, watch tv and take a shower. Sure it’s what they are, but imagine if you can turn those rooms into little works of your imagination and have a getaway from the normal. Turn your crib from ‘blah’ to ‘wow’ with these cool additions!

1. Walk-In Closet (For Him & Her!)

Thanks to Carrie Bradshaw, walk-in closets have become a must-have for women who want to getaway after work and disappear into a world of fantasy where you can be who you want to be (clothes can have that kind of effect on some of us!)

For a celebrity style closet add a plush sofa, some soft carpeting, a chandelier, wallpaper and voila! You can also double up the function of the room by creating a window opening to allow natural light in and set up a desk to create a private home office or study area.


You says boys can’t have fun too – walk-in closets are the perfect ‘man cave’ (guys, you know what we mean!). Trip out your wardrobe with some classy leather upholstery or mount a flat-screen TV so you can watch your favourite football match or play your Xbox without anyone disruptions.


When choosing closets and shelves for your walk-in wardrobe, make sure you consider how much space you’d like to apportion to organise your hanging and folded clothes, shoes, jewelery, linen and towels. Consider adding dimmable lights for some stylish lighting. Placing a large mirror on the floor is a great way to create an illusion of a more spacious and brighter room.


2. Under-Bed Storage

If you’re going to add more storage, inject some cool by creating under-bed storage and pullouts. You can either purchase bed that already has a built-in storage under it, get some under-bed pullouts or storage from a home store or just get your storage custom made by a carpenter or contractor.


Get creative by incorporating play tables for your kids or build a pull-out table for those breakfast in bed moments.

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3. Hidden Staircase

‘How do you get to the second floor?’. Impress your guest by revealing your staircase behind a hidden panel – you can’t get any cooler than that! Brainstorm with your interior designer or renovation contractor about building a partition or wall around the stairs to conceal it – this idea could work for spiral stairs or corner stairs.

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4. Backyard Rain Shower

No one has ever said that you can’t take a shower outdoors – so why not? Outdoor rain showers are a hot trend with upscale island resorts and we can see why. Build a single rain shower stand or add a bathtub if you want to have the whole tropical spa experience.


If you’re not so sure about going outdoors entirely, you can still bring the outdoors in by installing skylights in your bathroom ceiling or create a glass shower stall facing your back garden. Choose a roof or awning that can give you the right balance of privacy and still allow plenty of natural light to flow into your shower space.

You would need to get help from your plumber and renovation contractor to determine how your shower will have access to water supply.


5. Under Stairs Hide-Aways

Those empty spaces under the stairs often seem too small to be good for anything and usually ends up getting filled with cobwebs. Let no space go to waste!

Create a cosy nook where you can crawl in on a lazy weekend to catch a nap or get lost in a novel. If you’ve got a tiny store room built underneath your stairs, you can consider breaking the walls down to have more open space in your house.

The Nook Under the Staircase

You won’t get bored staying at home with these cool add-ons! Get in contact with our interior designers who can give you more ideas on transforming your home and renovation contractors who can hook you up with the right tools and handyman to get the job done, all on!