Carpets or No? Choosing the Best Type of Floor Covering For Your Home

Carpets and rugs have long been used to create a softer flooring in homes and workplaces. Carpets also provide a warm place for feet to tread, giving a more comfortable overall feel to the home. Different carpets work for different parts of the home, and some rooms benefit from them more than others.

Choosing the perfect carpeting for the various spaces in your home is more than just finding the right colour. Texture is important too, as well as how much of the room should be covered in rugs. Let’s examine the best carpets for your home, one space at a time:

The Bedroom

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The bedroom is one space you absolutely have to place carpets in, as they’re important for sound absorption, which will ensure that you sleep more soundly at night. Since the carpets in your bedroom will have to withstand a lot of wear and tear, it’s good to choose one that’s durable. In general, tufted wool and wool/silk blend carpets will suit it more. Find one that’s soft for your feet to feel a good ‘hug’ when you land them on the floor after getting out of bed.

Living Rooms

Photo credit: IRPMI
Photo credit: IRPMI

The living room is your chance to really express your personality and taste, and it’s the room where you’ll entertain guests. Make sure you choose something interesting and colourful, but not overly so as to overwhelm the rest of the living room.

It shouldn’t be the main focal point and should flow seamlessly with the rest of the living room’s decorations. Usually, carpets in the living room are placed beneath the coffee table, and should be large enough to reach the sofas surrounding it.


Photo credit : Elle Decor
Photo credit: Elle Decor

Choosing a warm coloured large rug for your entryway will make coming home that much more welcoming. Depending on the shape of your entry way, you may want to consider some out of the ordinary shapes like crescents, semi-circles and elongated horizontal ones. Ethnic patterned rugs look lovely, as do carpets with strong geometrical patterns.

Dining Room

Photo credit: Home and Living Decor
Photo credit: Home and Living Decor

Dining room carpets should be just the right size to go with your dining table, and should have about a 20cm extra space after you’ve pulled out the chairs. Make sure that the carpet is heavy and won’t catch on the chairs as they’re often pulled and pushed in and out. The best carpets would be one that has a flat weave of a short pile, as these are easier to clean in case of spilt food or drinks.

Bathrooms and Toilets

Photo credit : Indelink
Photo credit: Indelink

It is rather unusual to have carpets in bathrooms and toilets in Malaysia, as the practice is considered unhygienic. Many Westerners practice having carpets in their washrooms, but here, any large carpet or rug may not dry very well in out humid climate, leading to a growth of bacteria.

You may want to place one or two small rugs in front of your washroom, or in front of the shower area to wipe your feet, but make sure that they’re made of cotton or terylene, just like your towels. This makes them easy to wash in the washing machine, and quick to dry too.


Photo credit : Irastar
Photo credit: Irastar

Just like the toilet and bathrooms, the kitchen isn’t a popular place for carpets, but small rugs are acceptable. Place one near the sink area and/or stove to steady yourself as you work. Low pile and flat weaves work best for kitchens, and make sure you have several rugs on standby as you should change and clean them regularly.

Carpets have traditionally been viewed as dust traps, but they really are a wonderful addition to any home, as they add character and warmth to any space. Regular cleaning will keep your carpets dirt and dust free, and you can get them cleaned professionally too. Just contact any of our carpet cleaning service providers and your carpets will look brand new.

written by Michelle Chee