How To Care For The Elderly During The Pandemic


There are many challenges we have and are continuing to face during this pandemic. One of which is taking care of the elderly due to new rules implemented. Here are a few tips on how to care for the elderly during the pandemic.


1. Stock up on medicine and vitamins


Making sure there are enough medicine and vitamins around the house to even keep as extra is a good practice. It is hard to determine when shipments will be imported and be sold in stores.

Do take note of the medicines which are most commonly needed and prioritise them. If the pharmacy does not have any stock left, do check out other pharmacies or get on the waiting list to purchase them once the stock gets in. 


2. Wash hands thoroughly and take care of hygiene


This point may be repetitive but it is so important that we shouldn’t neglect it and remind you again. Rinsing your hands is simply not enough, remember to always use hand soap and scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds before washing the foam off.

If there is a need for the elderly to go out of the house, accompany them and make sure they have the proper protection and materials such as a mask and a bottle of hand sanitizer.


3. Don’t isolate them keep connected


If your elders are not staying with you under the same roof do keep in touch with them to stay updated. Due to travelling laws, at least pay them a visit once a week and make sure they are doing fine.

Check-in with them on a daily basis and make sure they are comfortable at home. Giving them a call or a video call if they are tech-savvy can be the highlight or the difference in their day as it can be lonely for them during these times.


4. Keep yourself healthy


This may sound weird but if you are not feeling good or sick, how are you supposed to take care of others. Taking care of yourself should be your priority before attending to others.

If you want to help make your elders’ home more comfortable for them, you can book high-quality home services from us. We are ready to safely serve you by taking safety measures when providing services to you. We hope you are doing well and staying safe.