This is How You Can Keep the Office Clean & Have Fun While At It!

Your office is your second home – you probably spend more of your waking hours there than at home. Most of us leave our homes one or two hours before working hours start to reach there in time, if not earlier, to beat the traffic. There are also those days when overtime is required due to pressing deadlines.

Let’s not even bring up lunch at workstations.

With that much time spent in the workplace, surely it strikes everyone that they should work together to keep the office clean. Rules are laid to encourage (or passive-aggressively force) employees to be involved in keeping the place clean, but do these rules work?

They do – if they’re as fun as these:

1. The cleanest workstation contest

Photo credit: Neiyo Sun

Like what they always say, it starts with you. If each person takes the initiative to keep their workstations neat and clean, then at least 90% of your office space is already clean. We understand that some believe creative people need messy tables – why not exercise that creativity in terms of organising as well?

Everyone gets to vote for the person who has the cleanest and neatest workstation (you can even get the cleaners involved in this too), who will be chosen every month. Don’t just reward the winner with vouchers or mugs that they don’t use; instead, allow the person to name a prize that’s within the allocated budget.

2. Expiry date challenge

office fridge with food
Photo credit: Marino

One of the common problems office workers face is that of a full fridge. There’s not enough space to store food and drinks because it’s being occupied by a lot of expired food!

Note down the expiry dates of the food items everyone ‘checks in’ into the fridge. The food should be finished or ‘checked out’ two days before its expiry date. If this has not been done, then share it with everyone!

3. Designing cool office posters

office toilet rules
Photo credit: Delonho

If the rules are worded in a quirky way, chances are that people will remember it better.

Get your co-workers to design posters relating to the complaints they have about office cleanliness. Put up these posters around the office so people can see and follow them.

Remember, keeping the workplace clean is a collective effort. All of us are responsible for keeping our work desks and working area clean. However, if there are some stubborn stains that need removing, or you just want to do a deep cleaning of your office, you can get it done at a fixed price here on Kaodim commercial cleaning services.


written by Esther Chung