What We Can Do To Fight Against COVID?

COVID-19 has had and continues to impact our daily lives forcing us to adapt to the new normal. Scientists have estimated the pandemic to end in 2021, it is uncertain however we should do our part in this fight against COVID.


1. Practice social distancing and good hygiene



Since young, we were taught to practice good hygiene by constantly washing our hands. Hygiene has never been more important especially now, sanitizing our hands constantly will kill any virus, bacteria and germs since the Coronavirus mainly spreads by contact and respiratory droplets.

Practising social distancing may sound very repetitive because announcing its importance is vital. The coronavirus is not airborne but airborne transmission may occur in indoor crowded poorly ventilated settings. This is why keeping a safe distance between people especially when you’re out of the house is crucial.


2. Follow SOPs



Following the SOPs set by national authorities is exceptionally important but some still take this for granted. We should understand that the national authorities know best and are trying their best to contain the spreading of the virus.

We should be grateful for the authorities and frontliners putting in all their efforts ensuring the safety of their citizens. The least we can do as a community is to adhere to the SOPs and support the decision made by the authorities.  

We are still providing services during CMCO while following strict SOPs set by local authorities. To ensure the safety of both you and our vendors, service providers will also be PPE equipped to serve you as safely as possible.


3. Stay updated on the latest news



Being knowledgeable and updated on the latest news on the virus gives anyone an advantage to prepare for the worse. Whether it’s a lockdown or updates on the number of cases in the country it is still important we keep ourselves and our loved ones updated to be prepared for any kinds of situations.

Fighting this pandemic is not a single person’s task, it is everyone’s task and responsibility. Together as a nation and humans, we should do our part and take this fight against COVID, stay safe and stay home.