Brilliant Small Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is often the hub of the family home — a place to gather, cook, eat, chat, laugh, do homework or pay bills, and share in special moments together. When space is limited, it takes some smart planning to create a highly functional and beautiful kitchen. A well thought kitchen design has a smart layout, minimal clutter and maximum efficiency. Whether you’re redecorating or completely remodeling, here are the best ideas for small kitchens:

1. Design and build smart storage solutions

Designing your kitchen to allow smart storage is necessary. Make every inch work extra hard when you don’t have much space. A smart move for a small kitchen utilises every nook and cranny, even those awkward spaces, into a functional storage area.

For example, that narrow space between your fridge and the wall? It is an ideal place to install a pullout to store canned goods. Consult a kitchen cabinet expert to see what options you have.

Narrow pullouts near the stove keep oils, vinegars and seasonings within easy reach of the cook. A custom-made pullout drawer with spots to store cooking utensils is a very practical way to free up much-needed countertop space for prepping and cooking.

As for kitchen cabinets, try not to have cabinets that fall short of the ceiling. They collect dust and unnecessary accessories. Build your cabinets all the way up to the ceiling.  The cabinets up top can be used to store seasonal items that you use on occasion while you keep everyday items within easy reach.

Full-height cabinets create the maximum amount of storage, while the glass fronts keep the space feeling airy.

2. Visually expand the space with lighting

Since there’s a lot of chopping and handling of hot equipment in a kitchen, you’d want good lighting for your own safety.  A well-lit space also gives you the visual impression that it is a little bigger than a dimly lit space. Ideally, a small kitchen should have a combination of task and atmospheric lighting. Consider using incandescent lighting underneath upper cabinets and incandescent spot lighting above the cabinets, as well as recessed ceiling lighting in your small kitchen.  Avoid light fixtures that hang down from the ceiling and make your small kitchen look smaller. Lighting can also be installed under base cabinetry so it shines down onto the toe plate. Don’t be left in the dark while working in your small kitchen!

3. Use mirrors to reflect light and open up the space

Mirrors work wonders in many small spaces making the room feel larger, so consider adding one or more to your small kitchen.  You can use mirrors for your backsplash, as long as they don’t reflect the ugly “behinds” of appliances. You can also use mirrors on cabinet doors. These pictures below will give you some ideas to start with. Otherwise, consult an interior designer via Kaodim today.

4. Double the use of counterspace as a place to eat too

Everything in a small kitchen must serve double-duty, so cabinetry and shelves aren’t just for storing dishes; countertops aren’t just for food preparation. When you don’t have room for a proper kitchen table, a bar countertop doubles as both prep space and an eating area. It’s very practical and with the right stools to match, it can look pretty stylish too!


Need more big ideas for your small kitchen? Find Kitchen designers and renovation specialists on Kaodim to renovate your kitchen!