Essential Makeup Tips Every Bride Needs On Her Wedding Day

The last thing a bride needs on her wedding day is runny makeup. Posing for photos beneath the glaring sun, fighting back tears during the exchanging of vows – all these can cause the makeup to slowly melt away. The keys to great, long-lasting macquillage are vested in the right products, as well as the hands of a skilled makeup artist.

So dear brides-to-be, feel free to pocket these tips for your grand day:

1. Use waterproof make-up

Beautiful waterproof bridal makeup
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Beauty bloggers like Jenn from Head To Toe will strongly encourage brides to use nothing other than waterproof makeup on their wedding day. Waterproof mascara is a definite must because emotional moments are inevitable at weddings. Hugging your parents goodbye, receiving sweet words from your loved ones, looking into your spouse’s eyes as he recites the wedding vow and hearing all the beautiful things he’s saying about you; it’s going to be hard holding the tears in, and when you’ve got water-resilient mascara on your lashes, you wouldn’t have to worry about streaks of black running down your pretty face.

2. Choose the right foundation and concealer

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Flash photography can evoke a rather pale, ghostly glaze upon the face, and the ones who truly suffer from this are those with foundation that are a few shades too light for their skin tone. When it comes to choosing the right foundation or concealer, you should apply the hues along your jawline to consider the tone of your neck, which is usually a little lighter than your face. The right shade should vanish seamlessly into your skin. A professional makeup artist should be well-aware of this.

3. Eyebrow shaping is important

Choosing the right eyebrow pencil
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Eyebrows can either make or break your face. Just the mere shape of your brows can define your facial features, causing you to look bold and sexy, sweet and demure, or in unfortunate incidents where the brows are badly shaped, unkempt and frumpy. You see, tweezing too much or too little can drastically alter your face, so it’s best to consult a professional makeup artist on the right shape that best enhances your features.

4. Do not use foundation on decolletage

decolletage wedding dress
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While some sites encourage brides to colour their decolletage with the right foundation or highlights, we consulted several makeup artists who strongly advise against doing so. Sweat gathers around the area very easily, which may cause the foundation to seep into the dress and stain it an unpleasant shade of brown.

5. Choose stain lipsticks rather than regular lipsticks

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Regular lipstick comes off easily, where else lip stains or tints stay on a lot longer. It’s going to be a hassle to continuously check your teeth or reapply lipstick every 30 minutes. With lip stains, you’ll still get that sexy, elegant flush of colour – just like you would from a regular lipstick!

6. Test your make up a week before the big day

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It’s important to have your makeup tested one week before your wedding so you’ll have a clear idea of how your face will turn out. Professional makeup artists usually offer a makeup trial before the wedding, so this is the perfect opportunity to raise any concerns that you might have regarding the shape of the eyebrows, lipstick choices, and so forth.

7. Keep it natural and you’re good to go

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Last but not least, opt for a glowing look that’s as natural as possible. A good makeup artist should be enhancing your existing beauty, not transforming your entire face into a whole new person. The last thing you want people to exclaim when they see you is: “You look so different –  I couldn’t even tell it was you!” Ouch. Instead, you want them to say, “You look amazing!” So tell your artist to keep it natural. After all, “effortlessly flawless” is the current trend among brides these days.

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written by Carissa Gan & Shee Wen