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Nowadays, scammers are getting more & more sophisticated in their methods. These methods may seem harmless at first glance but they can end up stealing all your money and personal information! Hence, it’s important to be constantly alert and protect yourself from falling prey into any traps. 

Here are one common home services scam method you should watch out for!

  • Impostor scams

These scammers pretend to be someone or an organisation that you know or trust (like Kaodim!) They might lead you to download an APK app that uses a fake payment gateway to retrieve your personal details such as name, address, phone number, SMS, bank account details and never deliver the promised service.


If you’re searching for a home service provider, here’s how to avoid getting scammed:

1. Only book on legit platforms

Official information such as hotline, phone number and websites may often be included in digital scams to gain the victims’ trust. Be alert and compare with official sources to ensure you’re making your job request on the correct platforms/website. By booking with Kaodim, you will be protected with Kaodim Guarantee. Where you may raise a ticket to our customer service team for a FREE re-service in the event a service rendered is unsatisfactory.

2. Get to know your service providers

Before clicking into a digital ad, identify whether the deal is too good to be true. Take some time to verify the legitimacy of the brand or service provider. Kaodim understands the hesitation to let anyone into your homes but you may have a peace of mind that we are committed to connect you with trusted professionals that have been background checked in the safest manner on our app and website! To make your service even more secure we offer Kaodim Protection to ensure your service is protected against damage and theft. We want to erase your worries and provide you with peace of mind. 

3. Be wary of unusual personal details or payment requests.

Never submit personal documents, credit card details, account details or perform any transaction  on any platforms that you do not trust! Rest assured, on Kaodim, you can pay safely with KaodimPay for secure and hassle-free payments once the vendor has completed your job request. If you’re facing issues during or  after your services, our customer service will always be here to make it right and ensure that you will be satisfied!

Your support for Kaodim’s professional service providers during these trying times are highly valued. Download Kaodim, the must-have app for every home in Malaysia on App Store, Google Play Store or App Gallery now to let our vendors bring a solution to your home problems.

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