How To Book Aircond Servicing At The Lowest Price?

Have you ever wondered how you can save when you book a service? If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place. Here is how you can pay less and enjoy the same high-quality aircond services.


1. Don’t book during peak period



The early bird catches the worm, in this case the early bird saves up to RM70! That’s right, your best approach to booking the service at the best price is to act early. By early we mean within the next 7 days, this is to avoid peak period and secure the service provider‘s availability at the best price.

Booking at the last minute would mean a higher chance that the service providers’ schedule is packed and is less accommodating for additional jobs at a discounted price.

Wait no more, plan ahead and enjoy more savings when you book within the next 7 days for a higher chance to hire at the best price guaranteed.


2. Service all the units at the same time



Getting all the units in your home serviced in one session will save you money. The price per unit is cheaper as our service providers save on travel time and travel costs, giving back the savings to you. The price could go as low as RM80* for multiple units hired all at once.

You should always get all your aircond units cleaned during the same service to enjoy the lowest price.


3. Avoid Sunday’s



Everyone likes to enjoy their Sundays relaxing at home without having to worry about work or school. Sundays are meant to be spent with the family, not getting an aircond service. Did you know 25% of people pay an extra RM80 for this service on the weekends? That’s kind of crazy!

It takes only 60 minutes for an Aircond Chemical Servicing, spare some of your time every 6 months for the best AC Chemical Servicing with lowest price guaranteed and let our experienced and reliable professionals get the job done.


4. Preferred vendors



If you have booked an aircond servicing service with us and enjoyed the work done by our professionals, why not rebook with them? Book your preferred vendor from our vendor directory and choose a lower-priced date.

You will get the best of both worlds from only RM100! Now that you know the tips on how to book aircond services at the lowest price, it’s time to plan ahead, book and enjoy clean and cool air at home!