Big Ideas For Small Living Rooms

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If you have a small living room, it’s often a challenge to make that limited space seem larger. While space may be limited it doesn’t mean your creativity should be as well. Here are a few home-decorating tips to make your small rooms look larger.

1. Go Light

Colour plays a big role in making your cramped room feel bigger and brighter. Using light colors on the walls and floor is the key to make a room seems larger.



2. Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirrors can be a big help to create the illusion that there is plenty of space in a room as it provides a focal point. A strategically-placed mirror will reflect light sources in the room. To get the best light reflection effect, hang the mirror across from a window. The bigger the mirror, the better.



3. Make Use Of Corners

This often-overlooked area can be a great spot to squeeze in an extra accent chair or a corner bookshelf, making your room more livable. You can tuck a cozy chair in a corner to create an instant reading nook. Or You can add a few built-in shelves to provide more storage space.



4. Choose Scaled-Down Furniture

Opt for furniture that suits a smaller space. Big, clunky furniture is becoming less trendy and is also difficult to manage, whereas small pieces give you that added versatility. Go for armless chairs that save space and appear smaller. Combine it with a glass round-table that can help create a larger-looking room and an illusion that the furniture does not occupy a lot of space.



5. Go Green

Bringing a plant into a room makes even the smallest space feel fresher and lighter. If there’s no space on the floor, opt for a hanging plant instead.



6. Fake Bigger Windows

You can accomplish this by installing curtain rods a few inches below the ceiling instead of directly above the window frame. This trick makes windows seem taller as it draws the eye upward. Additionally, you can have vertical stripes on your walls or drapes to make a low ceiling feel higher.



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