The Best Walk-In Wardrobe Designs Out There

Every celebrity has a walk-in wardrobe that is to die for. Our Malaysian home could definitely use one! From floor-to-ceiling shelves for shoes and beautiful see-through drawers for jewellery, walk-in wardrobes are most women’s dream closet. If you’ve always longed for one, you should check out these amazing designs for your next home renovation project!

Step Into Sleek & Luxurious

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This design is basically the epitome of luxury when it comes to walk-in closets. It’s clean and sleek with a touch of marble to make it feel so much more expensive and unique while boasting a lot of storage space – something you should never skimp on. A beautiful chandelier gathers all the elegance together.

Minimalist Walk-In Wardrobe

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You don’t necessarily need a huge room to own a walk-in closet. Just using one wall of the bedroom is enough. A dedicated place for your clothes and shoes is really all you need to make the walk-in closet a dream come true. It also ensures minimalism, which is a great way of living your life. White is always the way to go!

Attic Renovation

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Some older houses do have attics, but instead of converting your attic into a messy storage room – why not transform it into a personal stylish haven for your clothes? This would be a walk-up closet, since you’d have to climb the stairs to access it. It also poses the most privacy. You could also get the ceiling renovated and install a chic rug for extra cosiness.

His and Her Spaces

his-and-hers closet
This gorgeous design is perfect for couples who dig the deliciously dark colour scheme. You can’t go wrong with dark gray, and you get you get to focus more on the clothes and accessories that are going to be housed there. Adding a small couch and a fluffy rug will amp the space up so that it resembles a dressing room at a posh boutique.

Loft Living

loft-spacePhoto credit: ShopStyle

Loft designs are extremely popular in New York, due to the fact that space is scarce in most tiny apartments. We think Malaysian homes could incorporate this genius concept to create more room and creativity at home. This creative designer decided to put the space beneath her bed into good use and transform that into an open closet. It’s a unique idea that will work very well in ensuring you use up all the space in the house.

Designing a walk-in wardrobe isn’t as complicated or costly as you might think. Just hire a professional interior designer and an expert contractor on Kaodim to assist you in designing your very own dream closet, where you can chic up the space with sleek mirrors, trendy lighting and comfy carpets! This will be a project you won’t regret.

written by Tashya Viknesh