Best Tiles To Use For Your Bathroom

In this modern era, bathroom designs evolve very fast – any interior designer would tell you this. While there are so many things you can do with the decorations and built-ins in any home remodelling or renovation project, one should not take lightly about the tiles in the bathroom. Check out these tiles to use along with factors to consider, to ensure the bathroom aesthetics are not disturbed.

1. Hygiene

waterproof stone tile in bathroom
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Bathrooms need to be a place of sanitation, which tiles can definitely provide. With their modern look and easy to clean surfaces, hygiene is one of the crucial things to consider when choosing the right tile for your bathroom.

Although generally, tiles are water-resistant, it does not mean that they are waterproof. Keep in mind that for shower areas, they need to be waterproofed prior to tiling with a waterproofing kit. These kits that you can easily find at hardware and home renovation stores will prevent any possible water damage to the walls behind the tiling. Waterproof your stone tiles so you never have to worry about leaks.



bathroom stone flooring
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If you select natural stone tiles for your bathroom, make sure they are sealed with maintenance products before fixing to avoid water damage or staining. If you need further advice on this, consult your renovation contractor or interior designer – they’ll be able to give you some handy advice on this. Be sure to get the proper treatment and coating for your  tiles so your bathroom retains its look and condition without much maintenance.

2. Size of tiles

small tiles in bathroom
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Most house renovation contractors and interior design architects will advise you to avoid using big tiles (e.g. 60x30cm) in a small bathroom, as they will make the room look small instantly. Even if generally this fact is correct, if the majority of the tiles can be applied without any cuts, the end result can be remarkable.

medium tiles in bathroom
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Although small tiles (e.g. 10x10cm) can look nice in smaller bathrooms, the overwhelming grout lines (compared to using bigger tiles) can sometimes give an unattractive effect. Therefore, many people choose medium sized tiles (e.g. 40x20cm), which are a familiar choice for big and small bathrooms nowadays.

You should also observe the spacing between your wash basin, toilet, windows, etc. If the spacing is very narrow, small tiles may be the better option, as they will progress better than larger tiles and require less cuts. An interior designer will have an eye for these details. These points are important whether you’re looking at a house or office renovation project.

3. Perspective

Light coloured tiles add dimension to an otherwise ‘snug’ bathroom

Small bathrooms can look bigger if light-coloured tiles (i.e. white or cream) are used as they bounce the light more than darker colours, giving a breathable and vast feel to your bathroom. If same-colour wall tiles as the floor tiles are being used, it can also give your bathroom a boundless feel. To maximise the effect, you could opt to use a similar coloured grout with the tiles.

4. Amount of tiles

blue bathroom tiles
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The amount of tiles to be used can be calculated by determining the square footage of the bathroom. However, you might want to seek professional advice from an interior design architect or a renovation contractor to avoid any errors when buying and installing tiles.

Do keep in mind to budget for extra tiles as tiles are made in batches. This means that each batch is unique and no two batches are identical; even if the tiles are of the same colour, each batch will look slightly different due to differences during production such as temperature, condition of paint and drying time, just to name a few.

Lastly, don’t forget to place a scented candle in your bathroom, this will be super useful when doing no.2 (if you know what I mean).


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