Best Snacks From The 90s That’ll Kill Your Health

“Once I was 7 years old…” Lukas Graham sings, and nostalgia fills us as flashbacks of our childhood flood our minds.

Remember the days when Westlife and Backstreet Boys posters lined your walls? Or when you raced across the school grounds playing Ice And Water with your friends, then returning to class all giggly and sweaty? Those were the good ol’ ‘90s. And if you grew up in Malaysia like the rest of us, then these childhood snacks will bring back heaps of good memories.

As delicious as they are, these snacks will kill your health. They are packed with sugars and unhealthy ingredients that will cause destruction if taken in large doses without exercising. So make sure you’ve got a jogging buddy or a personal trainer to keep you fit. All the sugar and cholesterol is bound to stay in the body if you don’t exercise. With that in mind, here are some of our favourite snacks from the past that we can’t resist:

mamee monster

Mamee Monster

There’s something so comforting about crunching into a crispy Mamee Monster noodle snack coated with salty chicken-flavoured seasoning. Not the healthiest thing in the world, but still good.

jelly cupsPhoto credit:

Jelly Cups

Aww, the fruit jelly cups! We loved peeling back the plastic seals and slurping the jelly like the sugar-hungry children we were. These used to be a staple at our friends’ birthday parties.

smarties chocolatePhoto credit: Andrea Cristaldi


Nestle has never failed to impress with its array of chocolate confectionary, and Smarties is proof of that. Just a few of those chocolate dots will send us back to being 7 years old again.

sugus candy
Photo credit:


Created by the Wrigley Company (the guys who brought us the Double Mint chewing gum), we’ll never forget the simple pleasures from Sugus! Our happy days from childhood were packed in these chewable fruity squares.

mat kool ice cream

Mat Kool Ice Cream

Everytime we see this ice cream, we can’t shake the song that automatically plays in our head: “Mat Kool Mat Kool kawan ku…” Tell us if you feel the same way.

choki choki
Photo credit:

Choki Choki

Almost everyone we know has admitted to a Choki Choki addiction back in the day. Decades later, we still struggle to resist this chocolate stick.

yupi burger

Yupi Burger

We used to go crazy over these gummy treats. Some would devour it layer by layer, while others would rather pop the whole thing in the mouth. Which one were you?



We used to wonder if Hi-Sour should even be considered a sweet, when there was nothing sweet about this sour candy. But it evoked the most hilarious face-scrunching reactions out of everyone.

aiskrim potong Photo credit:

Aiskrim Potong

Those were the days when ice cream was celebrated in all its simplicity. Just a rectangular block of corn-, red bean- or durian-flavoured ice cream on a stick could put a smile on our faces.

nyam nyam snackPhoto credit:

Nyam Nyam

Who knew that coloured rice puffs and chocolate would be so yummy? Sadly, the plastic spoons have now been replaced with miserable plastic sticks (to save cost, we bet), but the thought of a Nyam Nyam fix still makes us drool.

You’re probably making a mental note to get some of these treats the next time you’re at the grocery store. While it’s nice to be greeted with a blast from the past, don’t forget to watch your health and figure! If you need assistance with toning up and staying in shape, submit a request for a personal trainer on Kaodim. Personal trainers are great because they’ll give you specialized advice on eating healthy, toning up and working your specific muscles so you don’t accidentally injure yourself while exercising. And the best part is, you don’t have to pay to find them – we’ll do that for you for free.

written by Carissa Gan