Best Small Home Ideas In Singapore and Malaysia

Kaodim will start to feature some great small interior design ideas from all around Malaysia and Singapore.  Below we have 3 well designed homes from Singapore to start with.  Singapore has set a good standard for good interior design and it a useful reference point to achieving looks that are trendy, tasteful and suitable for Malaysian climate.  Achieving any of these looks for your home is very possible and probably not that expensive.  You can achieve this look on your own.

We’ll help you estimate the costs for each look based on average labour charges obtained from over 2,000 quotations that have been issued by service providers on Kaodim.  Charges displayed are only for installation, and do not include the fittings.

Similar looking furniture can be found at Timeless Design, Fiske, Gudang, or Janine which are popular destinations.  Ikea is also a great place to look for furniture pieces that replicate classic but trendy designs at an affordable price.   Check out these three great designs and our breakdown of how you can obtain each look.

This design utilizes spot lighting to accentuate framed photographs which is great.  It has balanced it out with soft flourescent lighting underneath a plaster ceiling.  The layered ceiling gives the room an extra dimension but has avoided cornices or other plaster ceiling features which detract from simplicity and tidiness.  The design also utilises colour well with minimal accent features (namely the turqoise 3 seater) and maintaining a similar neutral tone for the rest of the home.

If you calculate the labour charges for installing the lights, concrete floor according to the size of the room you wish to redecorate, you’ll get an idea of how much it might cost for contractors to achieve this look for you.