Top 10 Best Pre-Wedding Photographers in Malaysia You Need To Know

Pre-wedding photography has come a long way since the rigid, overly formal studio portraits our parents have hanging on their walls. Nowadays, engagement photos can be sweeping and luxurious, or minimalist and simple, depending on what you and your partner want. Professionally done pre-wedding photographs will be able to create worlds and put you in settings you never knew existed.


Here are 10 extremely talented Malaysian pre-wedding photographers on Kaodim that you should check out:

1. Momento Wedding

Based in Penang, Momento Wedding uses rich colours to create a sense of classical romance, with sweeping backdrops of nature and timeless architecture. Using wide angle lenses. they create a feeling of spaciousness and grandness, all of which are part of the perfect pre-wedding portrait.

couple prewedding in tropical spice garden
Photo credit: Momento Wedding

couple prewedding shoot creativePhoto credit: Momento Photography

couple prewedding shoot in Balik Pulau
Photo credit: Momento Photography 

2. Live Gallery

Live Gallery’s portraits are offbeat and unique. They rely on simple compositions that are understated, yet intimate. In all their pre-wedding pictures you’ll be able to get a sense of the dramatic, yet genuine emotions that just flow off the couple.

couple prewedding shoot in swimming pool
Photo credit: Live Gallery
couple engagement photo rain
Photo credit: Live Gallery

3. Darren Chia Photography

With muted and earthy colours, Darren Chia brings out the organic aspect of romance,  portraying them as alive and dynamic. You can just feel the energy in his pictures, and if you look long enough, they begin to pulse with life and move before your very eyes.

creative malaysian prewedding photo
Photo Credit: Darren Chia Photography

4. Capture Moment

Be transported to an ancient world where princesses live and fairies exists. Capture Moment brings you to this fantasy world with their use of the HDR effect, making you the hero and heroine of your own fairytale.

malay prewedding photography forest
Photo credit: Capture Moment

5. OneRich Photography

Sweet and whimsical, OneRich Photography’s pictures focus on the innocence and sincerity of love. Using a colour scheme that is harmonious, the pictures tell cheerful and happy stories that aren’t complex or complicates, just straight forward romance.

malay prewedding photoshoot in malaysia
Photo credit: OneRich Photography

6. Alexis Fam

Alexis breaks all the rules and the results are stunning. Bright colours and contrasts are her forte, as she explores various unconventional ways to bring your wedding portraits to life, full of character and individuality.

Photo credit: Alexis Fam

7. Sean Lim Studio

Sean Lim’s photographs are clean and bright, with clear lines and a canvas that’s full of light. The pictures are honest, and he possesses the uncanny ability to string the right colours together, making it a feast for the eyes and for the heart.

creative couple prewedding photography
Photo credit: Sean Lim Studio

8. Yumerei Gallery

Yumerei provides a flexible approach and can meet bring any of your dreams to life, whether you want to create a wonderland of fairy lights, or an upbeat wedding theme surrounded by the flowers of spring.

creative bridal/prewedding malaysia
Photo credit: Yumerei Gallery 

9. Kane.CY Photography

Intimate individual and couple portraits are what Kane.CY does best, and here you’ll find warm colour tones that really capture true love in its most honest form.

malaysian couple prewedding photoshoot with christmas lights
Photo credit: Kane.CY Photography

10. CKVin Studio 

Based in Penang, Ckvin Studio specializes in portrait photography, especially with couples. The photos are crisp, with a strong emphasis on emotion and composition.

malaysian prewedding photography
Photo credit: CKvin Studio

Pretty impressive photos, huh? The great news is that you can find all these wonderful best wedding photographers and more right here on Kaodim. Whether you’re looking for photographers to do a pre-wedding shoot or capture the actual wedding day, we have the right guys on our platform. Just select the service you want and we’ll send you quotes to compare! Once you’ve studied their portfolios, you can book the photographer of your choice and start scheduling your dream photoshoot. Here’s to an everlasting happy ever after!


written by Michelle Chee