The Best 7 Places For Year-End Holidays

cat cat village sapa
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Bitten by the travel bug earlier, you’ve recently started to feel the itch again because the year-end is approaching. But where do you go this time? If you’re still unsure of that, check out this list of best places for year-end holidays:

1. Bagan, Myanmar

bagan myanmar
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If Myanmar is called the Land of the Golden Pagodas, then Bagan – its ancient city – would be the centre of it all. Bagan is home to at least 2,000 temples of all shapes and sizes. November and December are some of the best months to visit due to the low temperature.

You don’t really need a guide for this place as most temples are nearby each other. Just rent a bike and start exploring! Do note that Malaysians require a tourist visa to visit Myanmar, which you can apply online.

2. Singapore

orchard road singapore
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The Christmas lights in Orchard Road are some of the best in the region. These festive lights will usually light up the street, as well as Gardens By the Bay, around November.

If city lights are not your thing, then head to Changi beach for a quiet weekend. Pulau Ubin is a great place for some light exploring, and the family can go cycling at Changi Beach Park!

3. Da Nang, Vietnam

hoi an vietnam
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Da Nang is a city that has something for everyone. Stay in the city area and you’ll be able to enjoy the sandy white beaches that are just a 10-minute walk away; head south and you’ll fall in love with the charming old town of Hoi An; go north and you’ll find yourself walking through the gates of the ancient citadel of Hue.

December is the best time to visit Da Nang due to the lower day temperature. However, do expect a large crowd as it’s usually peak season during that month.

4. Kampot, Cambodia

kampot cambodia
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You’re familiar with Phnom Penh and the world-famous Siem Reap, but we bet you’ve never thought of Kampot as a holiday destination in Cambodia. This riverside town is known for being a quiet getaway for tourists who are tired of the busy streets of the two famous Cambodian cities. Walk around the old town, go on a river cruise, and take a day trip to the Bokor National Park.

December is a great time to visit for Malaysians who crave for cooler weather. Kampot is also famous for its pepper, so you might wanna buy some back.

5. Palawan Islands, Philippines

palawan islands philippines
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December onwards is the dry season in the Philippines, which means more time for you to stay outdoors and explore all the different islands in Palawan. This will be totally worth it as the islands are known to be the best and most beautiful ones in the world.

You will need to get a transit flight to Puerto Princessa from Manila or Cebu to get to Palawan.

6. Medan, Indonesia

lake toba indonesia
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Did you know that Medan is home to the largest volcanic lake in the world? It’s so huge that some say it’s actually twice the size of Singapore. Besides chilling by the lake and doing some mild water sport, you’ll be able to enjoy authentic nasi padang in Medan.

Some of the best things to eat and bring home are the famous Bolu Meranti cakes, bika ambon (honey cakes), and the famous layer cakes.

7. Luang Prabang, Laos

luang prabang laos
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You’ve probably seen this beautiful waterfall on social media before. The Tad Sae Waterfalls are the most famous and beautiful ones you can find in the Indochina region. Just 40 minutes away from Luang Prabang town, this is a holiday favourite for both local and foreign tourists.

There’s also the alms-giving ceremony that has become an attraction by itself. This procession begins at 5:30am every morning and anyone is free to contribute.

For those who already have a holiday planned, do remember to inform your security guards and alarm company that you will be away. Do set your alarm and ask a neighbour to help keep a look out while you’re away.

If you need to have a security system installed at home, request for it here and we’ll send over some quotations and profiles of the security companies in Kaodim’s database for free!

written by Esther Chung