#BersihRumah with Kaodim!

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#BersihRumah with Kaodim!

In the spirit of Merdeka and togetherness, Kaodim is offering you and a friend a chance to win free cleaning services worth RM80 every day. What’s more, winners also stand a chance to win up to RM250 worth of free petrol vouchers every week!

How It Works:

  1. Go to Kaodim’s Facebook (Kaodim.com) and Instagram (@kaodim_my) accounts
  2. Look for the pinned #BersihRumah post, reshare the post on your personal accounts and tag a friend/family member
  3. When you reshare the post, include a quote, message, photo, video, or a story about the spirit of Malaysian unity and togetherness (it can be about anything: a story about Malaysian food, your schoolmates or even a story of that friendly Uncle near your school that sells amazing Tau Foo Fah)
  4. Add the hashtags #BersihRumah #KaodimMY on your posts
  5. Every day during the contest period, we’ll select a winner from all the posts submitted : the winner and the friend / family member who was tagged in the post will each win a special promo code for cleaning services worth up to RM80 each.
  6. The winner will also be in the running to win RM250 worth of free petrol vouchers every week during the contest period (we will select a total of 2 winners every week).

What are you waiting for? Get together in the spirit of Malaysian unity, share and win great prizes while you’re at it!

Terms & Conditions

Cleaning Service Promo Code

  1. Promotion / contest only valid from 13th August to 2nd September 2015.
  2. Each unique Facebook or Instagram repost with an added content (a quote, message, photo, video or story) will be counted as one (1) chance to win.
  3. Each contestant is entitled to only one (1) chance to win.
  4. Posts must be made within the contest period.
  5. In the event the cleaning service requested for exceeds the value of RM80, only a sum of RM80 will be discounted pursuant to the promo code. In the event the cleaning service requested for is lesser than RM80, no refunds or exchanges will be given for the shortfall.
  6. The free cleaning is only redeemable:
  • with Kaodim’s unique promo code which will be given to all winners. Each promo code is limited to one redemption
  • for cleaning jobs within the Klang Valley
  • if the winner ‘Books’ via the Kaodim platform
  • if the unique promo code is entered into the Promo Code field on the Kaodim job request form
  1. Free cleaning only valid for the following service types:
  • Cleaning (House/Office)
  • Cleaning (Moving In & Out / After Renovation)
  • Cleaning (Sofa/Upholstery)
  • Cleaning (Carpet)
  1. Promotion is not redeemable or exchangeable for cash
  2. Not valid with other on-going promotions unless otherwise stated.
  3. The unique promo code is for redemption valid until 1 month after you have received your promo code (e.g. you were given the promo code on 13th August 2015 and you will no longer be able to use promo code on 14th September 2015 onwards).
  4. Time and date(s) for the cleaning sessions are subject to service providers’ availability, which are not guaranteed and are on a best endeavors basis.
  5. All winners will be decided by Kaodim at its sole and absolute discretion and all such decisions are final and conclusive.

RM250 Fuel Vouchers

  • Validity period of the vouchers are stated on the physical vouchers.
  • Kaodim is only responsible for providing fuel vouchers to the value of RM250 only. Any additional costs that exceed this value (i.e. GST surcharges for RON97 fuels) shall not be borne by Kaodim.

General Terms

By taking part in this contest, you have indicated that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions and decisions of Kaodim without limitation or qualification. You further agree that all decisions of Kaodim shall be final and conclusive.

Kaodim reserves the sole and absolute right to alter or end the contest at any time prior to the expiry of the contest without giving any prior notice and no compensation in cash or in kind shall be given.

Kaodim is not responsible for part of the arrangements made between the winner of the contest and the cleaning service provider(s).

Should erroneous or false information be provided and result of which forfeits the winner from obtaining the contest prize, Kaodim will not be held liable to any forms of compensation.

Kaodim reserves the sole and absolute right to disqualify any winner or reject a winner deemed ineligible for the contest (as outlined in the Terms and Conditions) or if he/she had engaged in a manner that Kaodim considers inappropriate or unacceptable.

All unredeemed prizes will be forfeited and Kaodim reserves the right to contact a new winner or do whatever with the prize as they deem fit.