10 Beautiful Malay Wedding Photos That Will Make You Swoon

We’ve compiled some of the prettiest shots of Malay weddings from our professional Kaodim photographers in Malaysia. These are some of our favourites:

1. Romantic purple

beautiful malay wedding photography
Photo credit: Hypnosia Project

Absolutely in love with the soft colours here.

2. Happiness

maxtography - malay wedding
Photo credit: Maxtography

Spot on! The groom’s reaction here is super priceless!

3. Love is in the Air

Photo credit: Maxtography

We love candid expressions! This one made us go “Awww…”

4. Light it Up

beautiful malay wedding outdoors
Photo credit: Maxtography

This one stood out. While most wedding shots are taken in places with bright lighting, these guys played with fairy lights, giving this shot an ethereal look.

5. Be Quirky

Photo credit: Alexis Fam Photography

It’s your big day! Feel free to give the photographer what you think is your best pose, or best face.

6. In Prayer

majlis kahwin melayu
Photo credit: Hypnosia Project

This precious shot showed a private moment shared by the couple, with their hands in prayer before the reception started.

7. Marry Me!

malay wedding photography price
Photo credit: Onerich Photography

No harm going on your knees again for the love of your life.

8. The Sisterhood

Photo credit: Maxtography

No better way to tell your new husband that besides him, the sisterhood and BFFs are forever too.

9. Lean on Me

malay wedding cost
Photo credit: Onerich Photography

Love the floral and soft orange backdrop in this one.

10. True Love

hypnosia project - beautiful malay wedding photography
Photo credit: Hypnosia Project

A beautiful moment, immortalised in this photo, that will last you for a lifetime.

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written by Esther Chung