10 Beautiful Hoop Bouquets That Will Enhance Your Wedding

hoop bouquet
Photo credit: Heather Burris Photography

The bride’s bouquet is probably one of the most important elements in a wedding besides the ring. Different bouquets have different meanings, which is based on the types of flowers used as well as the way it’s arranged. Hence it’s no surprise that the hoop bouquet is slowly gaining popularity, since the hoop – a round shape – is usually linked to togetherness in Asian culture.

If you’re thinking of hopping onto the hoop bouquet bandwagon for your big day, we’ve picked a few lovely designs you can get inspirations from:

1. Loud colours

hoop bouquet
Photo credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Don’t be afraid to use bright and loud colours for your bouquet.

2. Little roses

Or to fill them with small, dainty roses.

roses hoop bouquet
Photo credit: Weddingomania

3. Green goddess

green hoop bouquet
Photo credit: Nathan Westerfield

They can be all green too.

4. Mix it up

mix bouquet
Photo credit: Pinterest

5. Curly twigs

curly bouquet
Photo credit: Deer Pearl Flowers

The hoop doesn’t necessarily need to form a perfect circle – some curly twigs can make it look more romantic.

6. Give it ribbons

ribbon bouquet
Photo credit: Pinterest

7. Small and dainty

small hoop
Photo credit: Jack and Jane Photography

Just because it’s a bridal bouquet, it doesn’t mean it has to be really big.

8. Leave it hanging

long hoop
Photo credit: Lizzie Bee

A little more length won’t hurt nobody.

9. More is good

multiple hoops
Photo credit: Pinterest

Why settle for one hoop when you can have more?

10. Just wear it

wearing hoop bouquet
Photo credit: Happy Wedd

The more convenient choice for every bride.

Got #bouquetenvy now? Talk to our creative wedding planners about getting a hoop bouquet today. We’re confident that they can get you the most beautiful bridal hoop, and your guests won’t be able to keep their eyes off it! Let us know your preferences here, and we’ll share their profiles and quotations with you for free. 

written by Esther Chung