Top 7 Beautiful Front Doors that Will Inspire You

The entrance to a home is the first thing that greets you when you return from work each day. It’s also the first glimpse visitors will get of your abode. Many people stick to the original front doors that come with the house. However, there’s also the option of renovating it to make it more personal and unique.

Best of all, your entrance should represent what you consider comforting and welcoming. Here are some home entrance ideas to draw some inspiration from:

1. Double Glass Doors

This clean entrance has doors covering about three-quarters of the area, and this gives the home a really ‘open’ atmosphere. There are two types of doors here, one of them is a sliding door whereas the other pairs of doors are more conventional. The cool blue-green of the glass doors is both cooling to the eyes as well as cooling for the home itself.

Image credit: Renovations Malaysia

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2. The Semi Gazebo

This entrance looks like something out of a fairy tale, with a single light beckoning everyone to enter into its warm glow. It also looks like a gazebo, like something you’ll find in a garden and this is something that the potted plants really help to enforce this. The whole thing is made of marble, which is magical in its natural colour.

Image credit: Ceveta

 3. Simple and Minimalist

This entrance of a modern home is all decked out in glass and steel. Although it doesn’t appear very large, it’s quite suitable for smaller space-saving homes that are becoming more popular in this day and age. Here, the glass panes reach up to the ceiling and will allow light in during the day.

Image credit: Decoist

4. The Zen Doorway

In this fully wooden doorway, strips of wood are assembled to form a dark, yet comforting doorway that is peaceful. There are small opening slits in the door that allows a little light through. It complements the other wooden fixtures of the entrance, especially the two wooden pillars.

Image credit: Interior Design Inspirations

5. The Marine Entrance

Some entrances are more understated than others. This one takes cues from the shipping and marine industries with its large round window beside a simple fogged glass door. The horizontal dark wooden boards give you the impression that you’re boarding a ship rather than entering a house.

Image credit: HGTV

6. The Arches

The arched entrance here looks almost like a church, but this entrance has many layers and influences. The interplay of concrete and wood gives it a lovely balance. Creepers give a touch of nature to an otherwise eclectic entrance design.

Image credit: Home Stratosphere

7. Oriental Charm

A yellow painted antiquated courtyard here leads to the front of the house. Welcoming you is a bubbling fountain and a peaceful statue of Buddha. Overhanging trees provide the necessary shade, which is truly restive and relaxing.

Image credit: Home Stratosphere

If you’ve seen something that has jolted your creative juices, you can start planning your new house entrance. Let any of our home improvement and renovation service providers do the work for you and get you going.

written by Michelle Chee