Bad Habits Damaging Your Home!

Everyone has bad habits that are developed over time, some can be more harmful than we realise. To help you cause less harm to your home, here are a few bad habits you need to break so you don’t cause any more damage to your home.


1. Slamming doors




Slamming the door shut is one way to show your anger and frustrations but it isn’t going to help you win that argument. Repeatedly slamming doors can loosen the hinges and cause misalignment in the door jamb. Spare the door some pain and yourself some money fixing that door that can’t close anymore.

If you’re having problems with your door locking system, book our lock installation/repair service and get professionals to help.


2. Doorknob hanger




The doorknob seems like a perfectly positioned place to hang your clothes especially when there’s no space and you don’t want to crease that shirt. It is a pretty convenient spot and fine to temporarily hang a shirt or two but don’t make it a habit.

Overloading the doorknob with all that extra weight can cause strain on the knob and even the hinges. Once again it can cause misalignment and your doorknob will turn into your permanent clothes hanger.


3. Not cleaning filters




Doesn’t matter whether it’s the kitchen sink filters or the aircond filters they all need to be checked every once in a while. A dirty sink filter can mean your kitchen sink is potentially filled with disgusting germs and bacteria which are going on your dishes when you place it in the sink to be washed.


That’s nasty, but what’s equally as bad is you can potentially clog your drain pipes. All the leftover gunk or food debris can block the flow of water which will leave a bigger problem for the plumber to fix.

Neglecting the aircond filters will only cause you more problems with the aircond unit. Common issues like overheating and warm air output are prime examples of an aircond filter that is filled with dust and other particles. Get your aircond serviced every month to ensure your aircond functions the way it’s supposed to and not blow out dust all over the house.

If you need any help with plumbing or aircond problems, book our professionals to help solve your problems.