Awesome Furniture Hacks To Try Over The Weekend!

Not sure what to do with those old school hand-me-down furniture or random pieces of decor leftover from your last attempt at decorating your bedroom? You’ll be surprised how a spur of creativity have got some people onto amazing ideas to repurpose unwanted furniture that would’ve otherwise just been thrown out!

Get your handyman gear on and check out these awesome furniture hacks you can create at home:

1. iPad / Tablet Chopping Board Stand

All you need is an old wooden chopping block, a scrabble tile holder and a wooden wedge (you can use a child’s building block for this). To create the holder for your tablet, get a strong adhesive to glue on the scrabble tile holder at the bottom of the board. The wedge goes at the back of the chopping board to act a stand. Now you can watch and cook along to your favourite Jamie Oliver episode in the kitchen!


2. Crib turn Table

If your little one has outgrown his baby crib, don’t get rid of it just yet. You can turn their baby crib into a kids play table. Paint the base of the crib with some chalk paint and complete the set with a couple of chairs.


3. Storage Chairs

Got some old folding chairs laying around? Hang them up and create a dual storage system – the seats can be turned into shelves and the bottom part of the chair can be a railing to hang clothes, umbrellas or anything you want really.


Add some beautiful decor to the room by placing potted flowers on the top shelf.


4. Magazine Holder Floating Shelf

Spray paint your magazine or file holder and fit it into an empty corner to keep your loose mail. Make sure you purchase the right type of adhesive for your magazine holder material that is strong enough to glue it to the wall’s surface.


5. Put Together A Few Old Chairs

They might not look appealing on their own, but you can transform a 2-3 old wooden chairs by turning them into a multipurpose bench below. This DIY job will require some carpenting skills and supplies – you can do this over the weekend with your family or ask your carpenter to help you with the job.


Maybe you prefer a more comfy version with some cushioned seats.


6. Remodel Cabinet Drawers

Just because an old cabinet drawer has been handed down from your mum it doesn’t mean that you can’t change the design up a bit to fit your home. The multiple drawers in this old drawer can make your room feel crowded by occupying a chunk of space.

Remove the bottom drawers and create storage shelves that can give the illusion of more space.


You can turn the drawers that you removed into an ottoman with a hidden storage. Just purchase some wooden legs from your DIY store and glue them to the bottom of the drawers.

7. Upside Down Stool Rack

Instead of having multiple storage boxes laying on the floor or on the table, just turn an old stool upside down and hand a few fabric storage pockets to keep loose bits of stationery, magazines, receipts and scraps of paper (which we all know you might ‘need’ at some point).


You can do some of these hacks by yourself, and if you need help with more challenging projects, get in contact with our handyman, carpenter and contractors who can help you with the right tools and skills to complete your ideas. Remember, there’s no job too small or too big!

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