Avoid These Common Mistakes When Moving House

When moving house, a common mistake many make is not putting together a proper plan. Planning in advance is crucial to having a smooth process when tying up loose ends and preventing any unnecessary goofs (left your cat behind?).

Having organised lists will help: detailed inventory of your belongings, travel arrangements, moving company contracts and details, people to contact, and others. This helps you to pack and move more efficiently and helps you track your possessions in the event they are damaged or lost in transit.

Nevertheless, it’s common to still miss out a thing or two. Here’s a list of mistakes to avoid when moving house that we hope will be helpful for you!

1. Keeping all the stuff you don’t need

The number of old, outdated clothes, forgotten toys, unused gadgets, and other unnecessary possessions that we accumulate through the years will only add stress and extra cost to your move. You don’t want to pack up a bunch of junk and drag it to your new place where it will only take up space and collect dust. Before you even begin packing, it is a good idea to sift through your belongings and figure out what you can part with to make your load lighter.

Blast some music and hold a downsizing party with your family! Donate old clothes to charity, have a garage sale, and throw old, broken appliances you swore you’d fix but never did in the trash. When moving day comes, you’ll be glad you got rid of those things.


2. Overpacking your boxes

As a rule of thumb, it’s best to pack boxes no heavier than 20 kg when moving house. Of course, it’s always tempting to cram as much as you can into a box to save space (and money).

 If it’s too heavy though, you’ll either not be able to lift it, the box will break open with all your items falling out, or worse, you risk injuring yourself.

Here’s a tip:

Use large boxes for lighter things such as blankets, comforters, pillows, towels, etc.

Use medium-sized boxes for things that are not too heavy, not too light.

Use small boxes for heavy things such as books, pots, pans, etc — this actually prevents you from overpacking items that are too heavy and the boxes are sturdier than the large ones too.

If you hire professional house movers, they will usually supply you with boxes too.


3. Forgetting to label your boxes

Labeling the content of your boxes takes only a few seconds and will save you loads of time once it’s time to unpack. You should label your boxes with not only the room they belong in, but the types of items inside. This way, you can easily locate anything you need before you get a chance to completely unpack. Instead of just writing “Kitchen” on your box, write “Kitchen-plates” or “Kitchen-cutlery”. Also make sure to write “Fragile” on anything breakable, and draw arrows to indicate the position you wish the box to be carried and set down.




4. Forgetting to notify others of your new address

This small detail is one that so many people overlook during the hustle and bustle of moving house. Make a list! A few important ones to remember: financial institutions, utility companies, employers, schools, insurance companies, your own father! To be safe, go to the post office and have them redirect all mail to your new address as you are bound to forget a few. This will prevent any important bills or documents from getting lost in the mail or not arriving at your new address after you move house. Mark your calendar or set a reminder on your mobile phone, to notify your change of address with all relevant organizations at least two weeks prior to relocation.



5. Hiring the wrong sized truck.

This is a moving house mistake that could potentially cost you money. If you create a complete inventory of your possessions, you should be able to estimate better how much space you’ll need to transport. We do recommend, however, hiring a professional mover to help you, and having them come to your home so they can see all the things you’ll be moving. These trained moving experts are more accurate in estimating than you. Otherwise, if you hire a truck that is too small, you will end up with a larger ticket for the last minute change, or, if you hire a truck that is too big, you are wasting unnecessary money.


6. Trying to do everything yourself

Moving on your own may seem like the right choice especially if you are on a budget or are particularly fussy about others handling your belongings. This might change as soon as the process start. Moving is a strenuous task that takes a considerable amount of time, energy and money to execute. If you don’t have the muscle or the know-how to move a refrigerator or a sofa, you might end up with an injury or damage to your goods or home.

You are transporting your life to a whole new place—professional movers can help lighten the load during a time when you are already exhausted from your crying children unwilling to leave their old home behind.

Also, during that time, your house will get dirtier and chaotic with everyone moving in and out. Hire a part-time cleaning service to take care of both your old and new house so you don’t have to. The last thing you want to do is clean the bathroom after an insane day of moving just so you can take a shower to wash away all that stress.


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