Avoid These 6 Common House Cleaning Mistakes That Do Not Clean

What does ‘clean’ look like to you? Is it just getting rid of visible dirt and dust with a bit of spray and a few wipes? Many homeowners are not aware of how much germs they are leaving behind and time that they’ve wasted by using wrong cleaning techniques. We don’t all need to be professional cleaners, but with some truthful-and-tested methods, we can effectively get rid of harmful microbes and horrible grime that linger around our furnishing, floors, dishes, countertops, tiles and wherever that’s left to gather dust!

So we’re setting the record straight to help you maintain a healthy and clean home – get to know these 6 cleaning mistakes that aren’t doing you any good (or your maid for that matter):

1. Bleach Alone Can’t Clean Everything

Sorry to disappoint all you germophobes out there, but bleach does not kill every living germ and microbe – not by itself anyway.

Clean the surface first before using any bleach or a similar product to disinfect – germs can linger in food particles and dirt that’s on your flooring, fixtures and countertops. So if you apply bleach without removing them first, germs can still remain in the residue and could potentially become a health hazard over time.

Treat ‘cleaning’ and ‘disinfecting’ as two separate steps.

Source: foodstoragemoms.com

2. Over-polishing Wood

Polishing your wooden cabinet and furniture too often does more harm than good. The wrong assumption is that applying polish regularly keeps wood looking shiny and healthy.

In fact, the chemical reaction between wood and polish can dull the finish and attract even more dust! Commercial furniture polish usually contains a high percentage of oil, which can leave smears and fingerprints all over the surface.

Use your polish sparingly – in many cases, all you need is good consistent dusting to keep your wood looking good.

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3. Washing Windows When It’s Sunny

Isn’t it better to wash your windows when the sun’s out so that it can dry quicker?

Maybe it does dry quicker, but that is not a good thing for washing windows. The heat from the sun dries the glass cleaner too quickly which results in ugly streaks that you probably have to wipe down all over again.

Wait til’ it is late in the afternoon or evening when the skies are overcast. Use a window squeegee instead of a microfiber cloth to cover more surface area and minimise streaks.

Source: en.jeld-wen.ca

4. Using All-Purpose Cleaner For All Things

It feels like it’s god-sent! Well, you know what they say, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.

For most things, an all-purpose cleaner can do the job. However, some surfaces like marble, glass and granite do need a specialised cleaner to maintain them properly.

A disinfectant also eliminates germs and dirt, which an all-purpose cleaner is not able to do – crucial for cleaning surfaces where food is prepared, touched or eaten.

Source: crateandbarrel.com

5. Spraying & Wiping Immediately

Cleaning agents need time to work their way through grime and kill bacteria like Salmonella. Spraying and wiping anything too quickly defeats the whole purpose of cleaning up!

Read the labels on your cleaning solutions to know how long a spray should be left to sit before wiping.

Source: telegraph.co.uk

6. Thinking Your Sponge Is Clean

When was the last time you thought of ‘washing’ your dish sponge?

Food and bacteria can hide away in the sponge’s tiny crevices. Giving it a rinse is not good enough!

Make it a habit once or twice a week to clean your sponge – place it on the top rack of your dishwasher, or put a wet sponge in the microwave for about 2 minutes. If you anticipate cooking a lot during the holidays, clean your sponge daily.

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That’s not a lot to remember to make your home clean and free of all health-hazards. If you don’t have the time to dust, wipe and clean, take heart! Kaodim is here to help!

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