How to avoid injuries during a move

Getting a new space to move into may be very exciting but the process of moving may be physically and mentally daunting. The last thing we would want to add on during this process is for an accident and injury to occur. Here we would like to share some tips on how to avoid injuries for a safe move to a new space. 


Do not overpack

While you might think that it’s better to have fewer boxes, bags or baskets, do not overpack them just to reduce the amount of load. Know your limits and don’t exceed them because handling more than you might strain a muscle and increase the risk of injury. When packing, pack appropriately and ensure you can lift them without difficulty. 


Wear comfortable clothes

Make sure to wear suitable clothing. The process of moving itself must be exhausting. To add on, moving during the day in an all-year heat! Dress in clothes that does not restrict your movements like denim or formal shirts. The perfect choice of clothing for moving should be of a flexible and breathable material such as sportswear. For footwear, a sports shoe will be the best choice to protect your feet.


Use moving equipment

When executing a DIY relocation, using moving equipment can reduce your burden during the move. Tools such as trolleys, sliders and moving straps are meant to help you move items and bulky furniture more efficiently, safely and would not leave marks on surfaces. If you’re moving into high-rise buildings, be sure not to save on moving equipment as they definitely aid in saving your time and reducing your burden. For short term use, you may borrow or rent them from people around you or through social media groups. 


Hire professional movers

The simplest way to relocate is by hiring professional movers. When you hire a professional moving service, the movers will come well-equipped with the right tools and strategy to help you move comfortably. When you hire a professional moving service with us, our professional movers will do their best to help you avoid every possible accident and injury. Just sit back, relax and wait for your packages and furniture to arrive safely and securely at your new place!