Avoid These 8 Common Moving Mistakes For a Hassle-Free Relocation

Moving to your new home can be exciting, but often the stress of getting everything in order overwhelms the experience. Whether it’s your first move or third, avoiding these common moving mistakes will ensure a hassle-free relocation:

1. Doing Things Last-Minute


1 Doing Things Last-Minute
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Moving requires a lot of planning and organisation, but we often underestimate how much time and effort it takes to track everything down and make them transport-ready before shipping them out. Otherwise, you’d end up forgetting something important, like Aunt Siti’s heirloom vase.

Begin the process as soon as you know you’re relocating. Think about the things you’ll be moving, the distance you need to travel, the timeframe you have, who’ll be helping you, and so on.


2. Underestimating How Much Stuff You Have


2 Underestimating How Much Stuff You Have
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We collect things like furniture and appliances, household necessities, keepsakes, and daily personal items even if we’ve only lived at a place a year or two. These are meaningful and useful for daily life but a pain to keep track of when moving. Not taking proper stock of all the things you’ll be moving will cost you time, money, and peace of mind when you end up with too much – or less – packing materials than you need. Not to mention the extra trips you’ll have to make in order to retrieve your heirloom vase.

When planning your move, take a walkthrough of your living space and make a list of the things you’ll be relocating. Organising them by size, weight, type and fragility will also help you plan your move much easier.


3. DIY-ing Everything


3 DIY-ing Everything
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We often assume that Doing It Yourself is the cheaper option, because packing and moving stuff isn’t complicated, right? You can rent a truck after all, and get Ah Lim from next door to help carry some things.

In some cases, moving on your own or with the help of friends and family can be more costly, time and resource-wise. Managing damaged or lost items when Ah Lim from next door breaks Aunt Siti’s vase also becomes fraught. Depending on the amount and nature of stuff, and the distance you’ll be travelling, engaging a professional moving service could save you. You can always opt to hire a moving service on Kaodim to ensure the safety of your belongings.


4. Not Doing Your Research


4 Not Doing Your Research
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While it’s tempting to hire the first service you see in the classifieds, professional help is only as good if it meets your needs. There are many types of movers with distinct expertise, and hiring the wrong one will not only be more expensive, but cause disappointment when things don’t go as smoothly.

When engaging professional help, make sure you do your research beforehand. Some movers are experts at office spaces while others are more well-versed at urban households, and others are still better suited for long-distance relocation. Figure out your move and survey your options for the best moving service.


5. Not Paying Attention To Packing


5 Not Paying Attention To Packing
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Wrapping everything up and organising them into neat little boxes is tedious, but totally necessary if you want everything to arrive ship shape. However, we tend to go overboard with the bubble wrap on a single vase, or under-protect and chuck everything into one box. You might even end up overloading overly large boxes (cheaper in bulk, right?) and damage your personal items before they even reach your new place.

Figure out the size, weight, destination, and fragility of your items before purchasing packaging. Most professional services will help you with this process and even provide the right type of wrapping and containers for your items.


6. Neglecting To Track Inventory


6 Neglecting To Track Inventory
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You’ve got all your porcelain bubble wrapped and Aunt Siti’s vase is tucked away among packing peanuts. You box them all up, ready for shipping – But then lose track of which case went in which box! A massive headache ensues when you unpack, because you’re not sure if it’s in box #3 or you’ve forgotten it back at your old place.

It’s important to keep organised from the get-go when you’re managing your packing list, and write down which item went into what box! 


7. Forgetting To Label Your Boxes


7 Forgetting Label Your Boxes
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While the vase is snugly in box #3, you don’t remember which box is supposed to be box #3! You’re also not sure if the contents of the box should go in the living room, the bedroom, or the dining hall.

Besides keeping track of which items goes where, remember to label your moving boxes. Key details should include what the general contents are (or however you track it according to your inventory system), which location the items are intended for, as well as your name, address, and contact number should the box get lost in transit.

8. You Think Moving Ends At Loading The Boxes


8 You Think Moving Ends At Loading The Boxes
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Getting everything ready to transport is one of the most stressful parts of relocation, but the process does not end there! You’ll want to make sure everything gets to the correct destination in the proper condition, and unloaded without fuss.

While professional movers will generally take some of the stress off relocations, you still have to play an active part in seeing everything off from start to finish. That means being aware of what’s happening at every step and taking into account where your items are at any given moment. However, that doesn’t mean hounding or distrusting your professional movers. Trust that your things and your vase are in safe, expert hands, but stay an active part of the process!

Ready for your next big move? The many professional movers on Kaodim will be ready to help you!