How To Avoid 5 Common Pre-Wedding Arguments

Everyone wants a lovely wedding, but most definitely not at the expense of the relationship. Wedding planning may sound fun and exciting until it starts putting a strain on the couple’s relationship, and things turn sour. Unfortunately, planning a huge event like a wedding tends to open doors for unintentional conflict between the bride and groom. If you’re heading down the aisle soon, then take note of these common pre-wedding arguments between soon-to-be-married couples, and how to avoid such issues from arising.

1. Budget Issues

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This is probably the one thing that couples fight about the most. How much money should they put aside to spend for the wedding? Weddings do not come cheap these days and can burn a hole in your pocket. You wouldn’t want to go into debt just before you start your life together! The easiest way to solve this problem is to discuss your financial situation before hand. You should also establish realistic budgets and stick to them before you sign any contracts to make sure you don’t rack up any debt.

2. Groom Involvement

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Some grooms might show a slight detachment to the wedding planning process. They might not seem like they actually want to be involved. But women need to understand this: just as much as some men would rather wait outside the store while you spend hours searching for the perfect skirt, some men would rather take a backseat in the wedding planning department, and leave their future wives to make all the decisions – what flowers to get, what colour the bridesmaid dresses should be, and so forth.  They are men, and these things might not appeal to them as much. So instead of fighting with him and forcing him to choose the bridesmaid dresses, find an activity that he would actually enjoy, like food and cake tasting. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

3. Wedding Expectations

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So you want a beach wedding, but he just wants a normal, simple wedding at the church. This can be a problem if both of you are headstrong. This doesn’t mean you should let go of your dream wedding. Instead, sit down with him and share your expectations for the big day. See if you can reach a mutual understanding on grounds that you’re both happy with. You are getting married and being married is all about learning how to compromise.

4. Too much Parent Or In-Law Involvement

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Are your parents or in-laws trying to take over the wedding by layering their expectations over yours? This is a common issue both in the East and West, and most people tend to get so excited, they forget that a wedding is not about implementing what they want or think is best, but to celebrate a couple’s love for each other. It can be messy when your parents or in-laws decide to call the shots because they see the wedding as an avenue to show off their prestige. The best way to solve this is to sit everyone down and plan your wedding alongside them, but make sure that you always have the final call. They should understand that your desires matter the most.

5. Venue Options

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In our opinion, the venue makes or breaks the wedding. But it can be a pain to look for one that suits your vision of the wedding, while taking into consideration the availability and accessibility of the location. Always keep your options open by having several locations in mind, and have a chat with your fiance so you will be on the same page.

At the end of the day, communication is key. Set your expectations on the table, but don’t forget to take your fiance’s suggestions into consideration as well. With all that said, many of these pre-wedding tiffs can easily be avoided with the help of a wedding planner.

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