Are Your CCTV Cameras Really Placed In The Best Locations?

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CCTV security camera for home security & surveillance.

Having a CCTV camera is one thing, while having it installed in the correct place is another. You can have as many as ten quality CCTV cameras in different locations but fail to capture the face of the criminal if the cameras are not well-placed. However, someone else may have three CCTV cameras and still manage to capture the culprit in the footage. It is all about knowing the right places to plant the camera. On top of that, the alarm systems should also be well-placed and in the right functioning condition.

It’s a big misconception that having a well-defined home security system is only for the rich. Setting up a home security system is not as expensive as most people think. It is very affordable and since it’s there to protect you, this gives you more reason to want to invest in it. The security cameras and alarms should be placed in the areas that are commonly used to break in. Every vulnerable place should be taken into consideration, just like the ones described below.

Things To Consider When Installing The Security System

There are people who may chose to install the cameras in places where thieves are able to see them, while others prefer to have them hidden. Both decisions are somewhat good. When thieves see them, they might fear breaking in, but these cameras can be broken easily. The other instance is where the cameras are hidden, which provides a good avenue for catching the criminal whilst they’re unaware. The good decision is to install the cameras in places where they can’t be seen, as well as having dummy cameras to fool the burglar. This way, you hit two birds with one stone!

Important Places To Install Alarms & Surveillance Cameras

Front door

front door cctvPhoto credit: CCTV Forum

Many criminals break in through the front door. This is the area where you place your first camera. You may want to enclose the camera with mesh wire to protect it from being broken. Install it in the highest place possible. Also, make sure you install an alarm to alert you in case someone tries to break in.

Back door

Infrared camera/Photo credit: Business Directory

Burglars like the back door too, so this area deserves a camera. If you have more than one back door, install a camera for each door. The camera should have night vision and be waterproof so as to be effective. This ensures that it is effective in all conditions.

The Off-Street Window

window - design.wursttex.comPhoto credit:

A rear window is a perfect place for a burglar to break into the house. There are very few people watching, and it is mostly hidden. Even the neighbors may not be in a position to see the break in. The burglar knows that he or she has few chances of being caught, therefore they will execute their job very comfortably and then leave unnoticed. You should install cameras and alarms on these windows to prevent such break-ins.


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The backyard is where you place your expensive garden machinery and lawn equipment. The kids might also leave their toys in this place thinking that they are secure. You should make sure that the yard is secure by installing CCTV cameras and floodlights facing it. You can also install a good fence to maximize security.

Basement Stairs

For homes with basements, there might have a small window or door via which a thief can squeeze into the house. You need to install surveillance cameras and alarms here. Preferably, you can install a motion sensor camera which has an infrared night vision.

Your security and your family’s is very important. This is why installing a CCTV system, as well as security alarms, is recommended to make sure that people who may have the potential to harm you do not get a chance to do so. At times, there might be no one at home and this makes it very favourable for burglars to strike. Having CCTV cameras in the right places and well-functioning alarms will save the day! Any potential burglars may disappear before the police show up, but you won’t have to worry when they can still be caught from the footage.

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Guest Author: Simon Parker is a writer for Minerva Integrated Security Systems, a UK-based company specialising in fire & security systems. Minerva has been a supplier of the Government Procurement Agency, the UK public services procurement partner.