Amazing Tips To Maximise Space In Studio & 1 Bedroom Apartments

Studio apartments and one-bedroom condos are perfect options for singles and couples. However, unless you are an interior designer yourself, it could seem that you don’t have much options to choose from when it comes to personalising your home and creating comfort in a small space can be quite a challenge! At Kaodim, we believe that your home should be your sanctuary – so here are 7 brilliant tips to maximise your storage area and make more room for your studio apartment:


Tip #1: Make Hidden Storage

Furniture like sofas, beds, and tables are very useful for storage so you have extra room to keep your stuff, minimise clutter and still have your room looking organised. Hire a cabinet maker or carpenter to create custom-made storage cabinets to fit into spaces under your furniture, or look out for ready made furnishings with built-in storage compartments – these days you can find a variety of space-saving coffee tables, chairs, ottomans and even bathroom sinks!

Alternatively, you can also purchase decorative storage boxes designed specially to fit under your bed and tables.

hidden storage furnishing
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Tip #2: Use Floor To Ceiling Space

The ceiling is the limit for installing storage spaces in your apartment – building shelves along your wall automatically reduces the cramped feeling in a room by having it out of the way. Purchase bookshelves or cabinets that reaches the ceiling, or create a cabinet-shelf combo.

Tip #3: Find Places To Add Shelves

Don’t limit yourself to just bookshelves, you can add shelves just about anywhere to create more storage area and intrigue to your room. Get creative with floating shelves and creating overhead storage above your door and toilet for instance. In the bedroom, you could replace your headboard and bedside tables with shelves (who says you can’t in the first place?).

Source: (top) & (bottom)
Source: (top) & (bottom)

Tip #4: Use Visual Dividers

Just because you have a studio doesn’t mean that it has to look like just, well, one single room. Visual dividers are an amazing design element that can manipulate how your space looks – by placing them in a strategic position, you can create the illusion of more space with without any renovation.

Visual dividers could be anything from your furniture to actual room-dividers. The trick is to find the most strategic position to separate your room by function. For example, you can use a headboard to separate your bedroom from the living room, a table to separate the dining area or literally divide the room with a ceiling-mounted curtain or purchase a room divider.

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Source (clockwise from top left):, &

Tip #5: Be Multifunctional

When you have a small apartment or condo unit, invest in multifunctional furniture. Instead of a regular couch, get a sofa bed. If you need a workstation or a place to study, you could use a common dinner table which can be used interchangeably. This way, your furnishing will take up less space and your studio would also look more organized and spacious.


Tip #6: Rollaway Surfaces

Rollaway surfaces work great as mobile storage spaces or as an emergency bedside table when you need one. A beautiful wheeled kitchen cart with build in under-storage can give you a workstation to prepare your pasta and store your Jamie Oliver pots and pans at the same time.

Tip #7: If Possible, Hang It

To save more space, instead of buying a table to place your television, hang it on the wall. It will clear up floor space and also give the perfect elevation which is suitable for your eye level. You could use the empty space underneath to place books or movies, or just leave it empty for a clearer look.


Planning your apartment space, installing shelves and sourcing for the right furniture on your own can be a handful. Our team of interior designers, renovation contractors and cabinet suppliers on Kaodim can help to take the load off your shoulders – get in contact with us and we’ll send you up to 5 free quotations from our list of partner companies available in Malaysia.