8 Amazing IKEA Home Designs We Want To Steal Right Now

Hello Johorians! Great news. IKEA’s extending its awesomeness into Tebrau on November 16 2017, and we’re just excited as you are!

IKEA’s products introduce functionality and practicality through clean Scandinavian designs. We surfed the site and can’t wait to share some of our favourite decorating styles, which you can easily replicate in your home with the help of IKEA’s trendy furniture and Kaodim’s service professionals!

Trendy bedroom

cool scandinavian bedroom design ikea
Photo credit: IKEA Malaysia

This design is great for small bedrooms. Make sure your colour palette consists of lots of white, because white opens up the room and creates the illusion of broader space. Go for a white bed frame, white cupboards, white lamps, white side tables and white shelves. However, too much white might pale the room, so go for wooden accents and neutral shades to induce an earthy appeal.

Exposed bricks channel a youthful and rustic vibe, regardless of the room you’re in. You can always opt for removable wallpaper as a cheaper and easier alternative. Contact our professional contractors on Kaodim to find out how much this would cost you.

Modern bathroom

small modern bathroom design ideas
Photo credit: IKEA Malaysia

Moody interiors aren’t always a bad thing. Most fancy hotels have adopted the deliciously dark look for their bathrooms.

This bathroom rocks geometric tiles so well, don’t you think?

His and hers bathroom


his hers island bathroom
Photo credit: IKEA Malaysia

We’ve asked a lot of couples, and the majority agreed that they would prefer having his and hers bathrooms. However, if you live in a tiny apartment, you can still achieve that privacy without having an entirely separate bathroom – just opt for separate sinks! That way, your mornings won’t be ruined by silly banter about your spouse dirtying up the sink or cluttering the area with his or her stuff. You can get a trolley at IKEA for that.

Practical eating space


kitchen dining area ikea
Photo credit: IKEA Malaysia

White cabinets coupled with a white tiled backsplash and mint green walls create a calm space for cooking and family meals. Add more character to the space with good lighting and pretty plants!

Baker’s dream island


baker's kitchen island
Photo credit: IKEA Malaysia

This little standalone island is solely designed for passionate bakers, with a wooden countertop for rolling and kneading dough, and built-in shelves for storing cookbooks and other baking utensils. Glam it up with a nice statement lighting so you can still bake in comfort in the middle of the night, just like those famous chefs we see on TV.

Cheerful children’s room

children's nursery room ikea
Photo credit: IKEA Malaysia

It’s always exciting visualising your kid’s nursery. Don’t punish the child with bare white walls and boring carpeting! Instead, invest in coloured floorboards and cosy furniture. The key to a lively kid’s room is colours – get brightly coloured rugs and printed cushions to spruce it up.

Modern minimalist office

minimalist home office furniture
Photo credit: IKEA Malaysia

Your home office should be designed in a way that encourages productivity. Studies have shown that clean, clutter-free and wide open spaces are better productivity boosters compared to dank, dull and messy spaces.

Outdoor living room

ikea outdoor living room
Photo credit: IKEA Malaysia

This trend is pretty common in Europe and is slowly gaining popularity in Malaysia. If you have the extra space, why not convert a small portion of your backyard into an outdoor living room? Make it extra cosy by throwing in a good sofa, weathered rugs, a rattan chair and lots of plants!

modern kitchen design malaysia
Photo credit: IKEA Malaysia

IKEA’s furniture is always great, but you know what would make it even better? The right setting! Imagine if you had the right ambience to support your furniture. Perfect walls, perfect floors, perfect lighting. Just think about it.

Don’t let these designs intimidate you. They’re not as tricky as they seem, especially when you have a good interior designer and contractor on the project. 

written by Carissa Gan