9 Amazing Birthday Cakes Your Kids Will Absolutely Love

Birthdays without birthday cakes aren’t birthdays at all. The sight of a birthday cake – no matter how small or simple – will make anyone happy, especially if the one celebrating is a kid. They get particularly excited when the cake is designed according to the way they want: eg. a favourite cartoon character, a type of candy, a favourite toy, etc.

Lucky for us, there are some really talented pastry chefs in Malaysia who specialise in creating beautiful customised cakes. Check out these amazing children’s birthday cakes designed by our very own Kaodim pastry chefs:

1. Tiered merry-go-round cake

creative pink cake for girls
Photo credit: Mom & Daughter Cakes

This multi-layer cake designed to resemble a carousel can put a smile on any kid’s face – even adults will fall in love with it! You have to salute the chef’s attention to detail, especially with the effort put into making the carousel horses look like actual toys. Kids might even expect it to move like a music box because they look so realistic.

2. Frozen-themed cake

disney frozen birthday cake
Photo Credit: Rozmitten

Every child who loves the Disney animation is bound to love this cake. Some of them might even start singing Let it Go at the sight of it. The melted ice cream in an upside down cone is a nice addition to the animation-themed cake.

3. Candy cake

candyland cake
Photo Credit: Rozmitten

This cake is every sweet tooth’s dream come true. The cake is topped with huge lollipops, jelly beans, and gummy bears. The base is also decorated with colourful chocolate rice. The chef has also added colourful glaze onto the cake to make it look more vibrant.

4. British-themed tiered cake

creative birthday cake fondant
Photo credit: Viva La Vida Cake Art

The classic red telephone booth, red double decker bus, the London landscape, a crown, and a cute-looking Queen’s Guard come together to make this the most Instagram-worthy birthday cake ever. It’s so well-designed that we can’t bear to cut or eat it!

5. My Little Pony cake

creative my little pony birthday cake for kids
Photo credit: Mom & Daughter Cakes

It’s Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony! It looked like it came right out of the cartoon series, perched on top of pink fondant icing. The pastel colour choice adds a dreamy vibe to the birthday cake. Our favourite aspect is the intricately designed flowers.

6. Bunnies on a rainbow cake

Photo credit: Whisk & Whisk Bespoke Cakes
Photo credit: Whisk & Whisk Bespoke Cakes

Instead of just using fondant to decorate the cake, this chef has opted to top it with simple piping icing designs. Coupled with the chosen colours, the cake has a delicate look to it. The cute lop eared bunnies are so cute we want to keep them as a complete piece forever!

7. Good ole’ Disney

cute mickey cake
Photo credit: In the Clouds Cakes

This cake looks unbelievably ‘polished’: the fondant is nicely layered on each tier with sharp edges, parts of it looking waxed as well. You can tell that much effort has been put into moulding and shaping Mickey Mouse and Pluto, as they look like the real deal!

8. Batman cake

batman cake
Photo credit: Say Cakes

This is for every kid that dreams of being a superhero. The attention to detail is amazing: from the nicely cut Batman logo, to its pointy ears, and that ‘loosely’ layered cape at the back even looked realistic.

9. Unicorn cake

Photo credit: Whisk & Whisk Bespoke Cakes
Photo credit: Whisk & Whisk Bespoke Cakes

Unicorn cakes are the trend nowadays. The gold icing and fondant looks amazing! We are so in love with the unicorn’s pastel-coloured ‘mane’, created using the traditional piping method. This is simplicity at its best!

Interested in getting one for your kid’s upcoming birthday party? Good choice – because such cakes always look great in photos too. Click on the button below to request for a custom cake from the professional pastry chefs on Kaodim. Just let us know the type of cake you’re looking at, the preferred flavour and design. We’ll then send you some piping hot quotations fresh from the oven of our bakers! 

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written by Esther Chung