How Aircond Servicing is Important To Your Health

Having an aircond at home is a privilege especially because it makes a home cooler and more comfortable. Little did you know servicing your aircond units actually has health benefits, which gives you more reason to maintain and care for it more. Here is how aircond servicing is important to your health.


1. Removes dust particles



A basic aircond servicing will include cleaning the air filter which traps all the dust particles. Cleaning the air filter not only helps improve the circulation of cool air but it also improves with the air quality.

A dirty air filter will restrict the airflow and lowers the effectiveness of the filter. This means more dust is able to escape and be circulated around the house. This can be extremely bad for your respiratory system and especially for those who have dust allergies. We recommend you have your aircond unit serviced every month, you will be surprised how dirty your air filters are.


2. Stops insects and parasites



Not many know this, but your air conditioning reduces the number of insects and parasites. Not only are they annoying to deal with but they can also transmit nasty diseases.

Your aircond creates a cool environment which insects and parasites don’t like, your body temperature also decreases making you a less appetizing for mosquitos, who enjoy warm body temperatures. It also creates a dry atmosphere forcing insects to relocate to a damper area.   


3. Reduces humidity effectively



High humidity is known to be linked to problems like dust mites, mould, heatstroke and dehydration. With a properly functioning aircond unit, it can quickly and easily avoid these problems by simply cooling the area and reducing the humidity.

An aircond unit which has not been serviced a long time may have faulty parts causing it to be less efficient at cooling. Faulty parts can also lead to internal damages, in the long run, forcing you to replace the aircond unit instead of having it serviced.

If you haven’t had your aircond serviced recently, it’s time to do so. Hire our aircond experts to get your aircond serviced to ensure it’s in optimal condition. Book within 7 days to enjoy aircond servicing at the lowest price and great benefits when you book with us such as a free reservice if unsatisfied.