How Gross Is That Water Dripping From Your Air Conditioner?

Is your air conditioner dripping water? Often, water droplets can form on your air conditioner surface due to condensation. While a nuisance, the water is not technically harmful. However, a drippy air conditioner can also indicate that your unit is compromised and not functioning as it should. Whether a leak or a clog – or plain old condensation – it’s worth getting your air conditioner checked. Intuitively you’d assume the water that drips from air conditioners is unsanitary, but how bad is it? Quite awful, it turns out!

1. Bacteria

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Water from air conditioners could harbour disease-causing bacteria. After all, a neglected, dirty unit is the perfect place for bacteria to grow and proliferate; uncleaned filters will end up concentrating the bacteria, that will grow and contaminate the water that collects – and drips from! – your air conditioner. One notorious air-cond-bourne illness is Legionnaires’ Disease caused by the bacteria Legionella.

2. Mould

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3. Dirt

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Bacteria, mould, and metals are plenty scary, but the dust and dirt that collects in an unmaintained unit and floats in the water that drips from them are plenty disgusting too. Not only does this make the water dirty and icky, but it can potentially cause stains as well.

4. Heavy Metals

Heavy Metals
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The innards of your air conditioner is made with heavy metals, including copper from tubing and lead from solder. These dissolve into the water – whether it’s condensate or from your unit’s systems – and can be harmful to you! So the drippings from your air conditioner is not just a nuisance, but can be harmful to you as well.
Proper and regular cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioner unit would usually fix the problem and avoid headaches in the long run. If you need some help with air cond servicing today, get in touch with the many expert air conditioner services on Kaodim today!