What Actually Happens When You Service Your Aircond

Experts advice us to service our aircond at least once in six months. For those of you who use your air-conds more frequently, like on a daily basis, you should service aircond more frequently, at least once in 3 months. However, not many people don’t know what an aircon technician does when he or she services your machines.

If you’re curious about the process, then it’s your lucky day. We’ve taken the time to present a brief overview of  aircond experts actually do when they perform a servicing session:

1. Cleaning Out Your Filters

The front portion of your air cond is usually covered in removable filters that need to be washed. You can see these filters rather easily if you lift the front cover of your aircond. They need to be cleaned regularly as clogged filters cause your aircond to consume more energy. Uncleaned filters make it harder for air to be drawn in, and this can drive up your electricity bill.

The cleaning of your filters are done quite easily, by rinsing with soap and water. The filters are then dried before being put back into your air cond.

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2. Checking Your Condenser

The condenser unit is the part of your aircon that is often placed outside. The servicemen will often visually check it to see if there are any obstructions like leaves or branches that may inhibit its function. If your condenser is safe and easy to access, some technicians may even clean it. However, in Malaysia condenser units are often placed at dangerous ledges, so a thorough clean is not easy. Most of the time, they will only service it if it is terribly dirty or blocked by serious debris.

In addition to checking on its cleanliness, the aircond technician will also check if your condenser unit is on level ground. Being level is important for the condenser as it contains certain chemicals

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3. Fixing Any Leaks

Your aircond relies on a refrigerant or ‘cooling chemical’ that is contained within a coil to work. The technician will check that there is no leakage from this coil or any of the other tubes and pipes. Your air cond also has a system that controls the humidity of the air, and this means that it will have some water droplets that need to be transported out by a system of tubes. These can sometimes leak, so the technician will replace any tube or pipe that is leaking, or seal any loose joints.

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4. Topping Up the Refrigerant

Refrigerants are often called ‘gas’ by us normal folks. This chemical is important for the aircond to function but after a while, it tends to dissipate into the air as part of the cooling process. Ensuring that your refrigerant levels are at their maximum is also part of the serviceman’s duties.

5. Fixing Electrical and Wiring Errors

Some of the electrical parts of your aircon may wear and tear over time and require replacements. During your house aircond service some of these errors may be detected and the offending part replaced before something more serious happens.

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A professional aircond maintenance and servicing team will benefit your aircons in the long term. Regular servicing is one way to make sure that your aircond last for a very long time. Plus, it prevents any major damages that may eventually cost you a bomb.