Kaodim aims to change the way people hire professionals.  From contractors to yoga instructors, Kaodim matches you with several reliable professionals who are interested and qualified in helping you with what you need.  Kaodim allows you to compare their prices, introductions and read about them so you are empowered to decide who you’d like to hire.

In a novel manner, Kaodim introduces businesses  to many new clients where meaningful and long lasting relationships can be built.  Here we share our stories about how we’ve helped people with things they need the most and new connections made along the way.

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  1. am looking for high tempreasure glass for my cooking machine ( roasted machine ) glass door about 2 ft by 3 ft

    1. Hi Ibrahim, thanks for your request. Our team has reached out to you to help you with this matter 🙂 Please let us know if you require further assistance.

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