A Magical Future Is In Store For Mahsha Trading Enterprise

Uma was an office clerk for years while her husband Addy was a dispatch officer.  Uma always thought about how her family used to run a local movers business, in Malaysia, more commonly known as “lori sewa”.  She thought about how proud they would be of her if she started the same business on her own.

After she married Addy they took the plunge together to start the business as professional movers.  They started with a lorry on hire purchase for RM1,500 per month.  It was difficult for the both of them at the time, but they didn’t have a choice.  The lorry was their rice bowl and fortunately it brought them good fortune and many kind customers. Her kids called the lorry Bumblebee because they thought of the lorry as their protector.


2 years later they bought their very own lorry for RM7000 and then another lorry for RM25,000.  Today they have a fleet of two one ton lorries and a single three ton lorry.  “Bumblebee still works well and miraculously it can go any distance, anywhere and anytime” says Uma.

Addy and Uma have worked hard over the last 8 years to grow the house moving business. Uma handles the customers and Addy does the transport.  “I love meeting people and hearing the stories my husband tells me about the amazing houses he’s seen-  houses with hundreds of paintings and exquisite furniture.  It gives us a look into the lives that other people have, and it’s quite amazing.” says Uma.

“We’ve made more than 5 new customers in the very short time that we’ve been on Kaodim.  Some of these new customers have given us really big moving jobs.  They’re the type of jobs we hope for everyday.  Kaodim is amazing and they’ve really changed our business.  These new customers seem really happy with our service.” Uma adds.


Despite a hectic schedule with hundreds of moving jobs across Klang Valley, Addy still makes sure he picks up the kids from school everyday and spends as much time with them as he can.  Addy now has drivers he trusts while he manages clients and spends more time with his family.  “It’s worked out well and as we grow our business, like it is growing now, we can hire and train more people, maybe we’ll have more time to go out for meals and take the kids out.”


Their kids have named the other 2 lorries Prime and Narnia. Fitting as Prime now leads the fleet that has serviced more than 1000 customers all over Klang Valley.  “My husband has been to every condo in KL, I’m sure”  says Uma.  As for Narnia, I suppose they see that their future is as far as their imagination goes.